All J.Crew, all the time.

This is actually the opposite of what I’ll wearing this weekend because I’m home in Connecticut getting ready to — drumroll, please — SKYDIVE tomorrow! (Although, trust me, if you could jump out of a plane in chartreuse satin pumps, I’d be all over it.) Can you say best birthday present ever? I’m going with my brother Grayson and can’t wait to cross #98 off my 101 in 1001 list. 

Who’s already been skydiving? Who’s dying to try it? Should I be shaking in my boots right now?! Do tell! And have a good one, whether you’re laying low or, you know, leaping out of a plane at 120 mph. Eeeeek!

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  1. loving this! i’ve won tickets to sky dive a few years after running a race with my dog on Cape Cod and every year i’ve given them away. i’m terrified of heights, but i might just have to give it a try once!

  2. Hey Mackenzie! I’m also from Fairfield County and my older sister went skydiving last year in upstate Connecticut and had THE BEST TIME. If the place you’re going offers it, I would seriously reccomend buying the Go Pro/filming and picture package they offer. The extra money is so worth being able to show your friends and family pictures of you mid-dive.

    I hope you have an amzing time!

    Catherine Wright

  3. I went sky diving in Australia and it was amazing. I never take risks or do anything crazy so it was out of character! But I loved it and don’t regret it at all! I recommend being the first of your group to jump if possible. I went first and my friends said watching others go and having extra time to think made them more nervous. Have fun!!!