I was totally overwhelmed by the positive feedback on my studio tour last week! I’m excited to break it down a little and share some projects and sources that have been particularly helpful for making it work in such a small space. Given the interest for this post on how to organize your clutches, I thought some of you might like to know how I organize my jewelry.

I started with these Container Store acrylic jewelry stands in two heights: one for bracelets and one for necklaces. I happen to own way more bracelets than necklaces so the taller one holds a mixture of the two. I keep my earrings and rings in boxes and trays — right now I have this on my windowsill and this on my bathroom counter.

My clutches and my jewelry sit on top of the dresser in my only closet (note to self: next apartment must have double the closet space). I like that the jewelry stands are clear so the surface of my dresser looks tidy and I can see all my accessories at a glance.

What do you think? Could you live with this organization system? How do you store and display your jewelry?

*photos by Trent Bailey for Glitter Guide


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  1. I used to work for an accessories store so have a huge amount of jewellery (Im learning to cull, Lol) I have an entire cabinet – necklaces are on hooks all around the cabinet walls, then rings are in trays on the bottom shelf. Bracelets and bangles live in boxes in the drawers below. Earrings are organised by colour in snap locks in glass containers that live on top, as do bigger rings. As I said, I’m learning to cull…

  2. i love this! i only have one small closet and i have a dresser that takes up over half of it! i think i need to start organizing all my accessories on top of my dresser! plus i think i need more accessories!

  3. I love those acrylic jewelry holders! I have the shorter one but I think I need a taller one to store more bracelets on. For necklaces, I usually hang them on a multi-hook rack on my wall or pinned to a bulletin board. I also use a 2 tier dessert stand to hold earrings and jewelry I wear frequently (watches, rope bracelets, rings) so it is easy to grab! I love my Liberty of London for Target tray!

    xx, Amy