Consider this outfit my ode to back-to-school… Two years out of college. It’s funny to think this tote got me through four years of college and now lugs my laptop to and from the coffee shop a couple days a week. My brothers head back to class this week which naturally has me thinking about back-to-school shopping, something I fully intend to do regardless of my zero plans to set foot in a classroom anytime soon. 

I finally got my eyes checked (for the first time since 2006, oooops!) as part of #83 on my 101 in 1001 list and had the hardest time picking out my new glasses. Unsurprisingly I landed on the same frames as my go-to sunglasses — I guess you could say I’m a creature of habit. They’ve made a huge difference (I’m literally seeing my neighborhood through new eyes) but seeing myself in glasses is definitely going to take some getting used to. Hellooo nerd alert. 

I hope those of you headed back to class this week have a wonderful semester! And for the rest of us… New “school” supplies, anyone?

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  1. You look fantastic with designer eyewear, Mackenzie! I know how you feel: I’ve been wearing sunglasses most of my life, and every time I wear contacts, I feel a little bit weird, without that constant weight on my nose. But your sunglasses are looking very nice on you.

  2. The glasses are adorable on you! There is definitely something about this outfit that screams back to school and I love it… and I fully intend to do some “back to school” shopping even though school hasn’t been a part of my life for far longer than I care to admit! 😉 I love this outfit, the dress and jacket are perfect together!

  3. I LOVE you with the glasses! I just got Ray Bans for myself after wearing an outdated prescription for the past few years! I have the field jacket in navy too and absolutely love it as a lightweight jacket that’s perfect for rainy weather too.:)
    xo Tia

  4. That dress is seriously so cute!! I use my Longchamp from college all the time still. It’s the only bag that fits everything I need. And I also need to get my eyes checked out. I definitely need a new prescription.

  5. You look fantastic with glasses, Mackenzie! I know how you feel: I’ve been wearing glasses most of my life, and every time I wear contacts, I feel a little bit weird, without that constant weight on my nose 🙂

    And this whole outfit is just perfection: I mean, daisies and navy blue, what could be better?

    xx Ivana

    Macarons and Pearls

  6. Mackenzie the same thing happened to me this year! At 23 I realized that it was so hard to see my street signs (isn’t that awful!?) so I got my eyes checked and got glasses too back in April. It’s made the biggest difference! It did take some getting used to, but I’m loving the look now and yours look so cute on you too!

  7. i am not in school but that doesn’t stop me from getting new clothes and school supplies! i adore this look! aren’t those shoes the best?! i just ordered those since i have the navy ones from last year. ps where did you find that belt? i have been looking for a similar one but can’t find one!

  8. Loving this outfit! I am so excited for back to school. I’m starting clinical years in veterinary school so can even justify some more ‘professional clothes’ shopping! As far as glasses go I am a HUGE fan of Warby Parkers and am even considering picking up a second pair.

  9. Your glasses are so cute! I have a pair that I never wear but it makes such a difference when you can actually see! haha I should look into getting a more stylish pair so I’m more motivated to wear them 🙂