I can finally cross #19 off my 101 in 1001 list. It’s embarrassing to admit but this is definitely the goal that I started and stopped the most number of times… Drinking that much water is tough! Here’s what worked for me this time around to finally get me on the right track.

1. Have a concrete, measurable goal in mind.
“Drink more water” sounds a New Year’s resolution that starts with the best intentions but never gets accomplished because it’s so vague. I went shopping for one huge bottle of water and found a 50 ounce bottle. I decided that to go from roughly 0-8 ounces of water a day (sad but true) to consuming this huge bottle would be major progress so that became my goal: drink 50 ounces of water each day for seven days. 

2. Decide how to measure your goal.
Like I said, I bought one huge bottle that I refilled each day. I liked being able to see exactly where I stood for the day and tried to hit the halfway point in the early afternoon. I felt ridiculous carrying the bottle outside of my apartment so I used my BKR bottle (I have the pink pictured above) to pour water from the big bottle into a smaller, more transportable option.

3. Have a buddy.
Eddy works with me in my apartment three days a week and is great about drinking water every day so it was super helpful to have him encouraging and reminding me to keep drinking. There were definitely times when I was sick of going to the bathroom every ten minutes or felt so full and so sick of the taste of water… It was nice to have someone who could make me keep going when I needed a kick. Coworkers, family, or friends would all make great partners!

4. Keep your goal top of mind.
It’s easy to start drinking water in the morning and forget about your goal before lunchtime. Having one big bottle at my desk was a constant reminder of how much I’d consumed and how far I had to go. I also posted a little note on my fridge to remember to take it out each morning!

I know this might all sound a little silly (how hard could it be?) but it’s definitely a healthy habit that I’ve struggled to adopt. How many of you are good at getting enough water? What has worked well for you? Let’s hear it!

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  1. boy, I’m in the same boat. You’re right, it’s better to reach your goal if you can see what 50 oz or whatever amount you want to consume is right in front of you. I struggle with drinking enough water all the time, too. Water also helps with keeping cellulite away.Haven’t been very successful in that category. Thanks for sharing your story.

  2. I cannot believe I didn’t know about this list before just now! I absolutely love the idea. I’ve had a “Life to do list” since high school but it is far less measurable so thinking about creating a new version. You’ve inspired me!

  3. A few things that help me drink A LOT of water every day:
    1) I like ice water, so bought a BPA-free plastic bottle that unscrews in the middle so you can add ice cubes.
    3) I get filtered water refills every week at Whole Foods for $.69 per gallon. I think it tastes better than our tap water.
    4) Water is my drink of choice … no juice, milk or coffee but once in awhile a glass of wine.
    5) I measure out 8 glasses of water into a separate pitcher in the am and make sure it is empty by 6pm.
    6) I really believe that water helps with weight loss, so am motivated to drink up.

  4. Congrats on drinking more water! It seems like such a simple habit, but it really is so important and makes a huge difference.

    For me, it’s all about ease. If I have to drink all my water from a glass, nope, it’s not going to happen. I have a collection of tumblers that I use to put water in and drink from throughout my day. I also always carry a bottle of water around with me. It sounds strange, but drinking from a bottle makes it so much easier to drink a lot! Perhaps it’s just more fun…

  5. Drinking enough water can be a challenge. But I strive to drink 100+ oz. a day. I break up my water in take throughout the day.
    For instance from breakfast to lunch 24 oz, after lunch to mid afternoon another 24 oz, after work to dinner another 24 oz, etc. I also find drinking filtered water easier. I also like to add to one of the bottles a little bit of lemon or lime juice. I use a large 24 oz water bottle with a straw, the straw really helps as well. I have noticed my skin looks better and especially in the heat of the summer being well hydrated is great! Keep up the good work, it gets easier over time!

  6. I love drinking water, but it can be hard when you’re running around and just being busy.

    I found it really helpful to buy a bottle that has a straw! I have a 1 liter Camelbak and I love it. It’s a great size, and I try to drink at least two a day.

    My trick is that when I’m reading email, articles, skimming through Twitter, etc, just have it in front of me and keep sipping! It’s like eating popcorn while watching a movie, just keep doing it. 🙂

    It’s also a good reason to get up and walk, refill your bottle at least once a day, go to the bathroom, take a 5 minute walk, and feel refreshed!

  7. I have struggled with this since I was a little girl! I only crave water when I’m working out or having a meal, and that is not enough. Definitely need to just suck it up and purchase a bottle that I will be forced to refill. Great tips Mackenzie!

  8. I NEVER used to drink enough, either (and sometimes still don’t)! I only drank wanter growing up if I was at swim practice or dance-I otherwise hated it, but figured I was getting enough liquids from milk and other healthier drinks. I really started drinking more of it over the last three years or so, starting with a slight addiction to bottled Fiji water (really, though…it’s so perfect), and then making myself carry a refillable bottle around. I also try to keep water at my desk and near my bed at all times, and when I’m home on the weekends I drink lemon water while I’m around my apartment! Not only does it hydrate, but the lemon juice helps clean out my system and adds a nice little kick.

    Blonde in this City

  9. Drinking enough water can be such a chore!! I always try to keep my water bottle by my side to remind me I need to be drinking it. It’s so hot here in Arizona that I am almost always craving ice water.

    Love all of the progress you are making on your 101 in 1001 list!

    Saguaros & Stilettos

  10. i have two water bottles. a bigger one for work and a smaller one for at home. i have to finish the big one before i leave work every day and finish the smaller one before i go to bed. that way i know i am drinking enough water!

  11. I am one of those people that really just can’t get into drinking a certain amount of water everyday…when I know I need to! I just recently got a Patagonia water bottle to motivate me to drink, but those bottles look so cute too!
    Your Friend, Jess

  12. How do you feel after drinking so much water? Do you feel like it’s worth it? I have such an issue drinking even two glasses of water a day!

  13. Sometimes I’ll add some lemon, cucumber, or even berries to water if I’m getting tired of the taste of just plain water. It’s really refreshing! I also carry one larger bottle so that I can see how much I’ve been drinking throughout the day.