In the spirit of this post, I’ve been planning a few exciting getaways and get-togethers for the next couple months. I was feeling pretty low at one point last week and started brainstorming things I could look forward to. Before I knew it, I’d penciled in fall trips to New Orleans, Denver, and Boston… And I couldn’t be more excited! I love spending time in my apartment and New York in general but I’m really overdue for a little travel. A few of the goals on my next 101 in 1001 list (to be shared at the end of the month!) pertain to travel which got me thinking: Where are all of you dying to travel next? Here are a few destinations I’d be most excited about:
Morocco photographed by François Halard
St. Tropez photographed by Gray Malin
Tulum, Mexico, photographed by Sarah Yates
I’m dying to hear about any trips you’re planning or simply daydreaming about. I’m definitely hoping to see at least one new continent and one new country as part of my next list so I’d love a little inspiration from you guys. A little Tuesday wanderlust never hurt anybody!


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  1. Fortunately, because I’ve known for years that my dog has food allergies, his palette has not been given the chance to become snobby as he is on a very limited diet and always has been. He thinks a raw carrot or frozen green bean are among the greatest treats in the world. If my dog refuses to eat a new kibble, I know I can add things like chopped carrots (allergy tested and approved) to get him to eat it.

  2. you’ve inspired me to make my own list, too! i also love the idea of putting money into savings after each accomplishment- you can get yourself a nice reward at the end of it!

  3. Yay boston! Let me knowing you’re around for a drink or brunch 😉

    And a trip to denver sounds amazing, we stopped there on our cross country honeymoon road trip and I fell in love — I can’t wait to go back! (Ps: go to Rioja for dinner while you’re there, the food was insane!)

  4. Nice picks! Rio is also on my short list, but the place I want to go to most is Tanzania. I would love to go on a safari!
    You mentioned that you are going to New Orleans soon. We were there a month ago and stayed at the Omni Royal Orleans in the heart of the French Quarter. I can definitely recommend it, it was perfectly located and quite a beautiful property too!

  5. I have been DYING to visit Santorini, Greece! It is so beautiful! I highly doubt it’ll be anytime soon, but a girl can dream!


  6. Amalfi coast in number one destination on my list, and I’m planning a trip there next summer (definitely something to look forward to :). I’m also taking my mom to London in December (to see the Christmas decorations, and enjoy some “girls” shopping time 🙂 And I’m dreaming of returning to New York soon, and a trip to Paris is always on the list… Can’t wait to see your new 101 list!

    xx Ivana

    Macarons and Pearls

  7. These places look gorgeous!! I hope you make it up to Boston – I’ve never been, but love the idea of moving North. My next trip is actually next weekend (Sept 21st) to NYC!! I’m looking forward to it so so much. Hope you have a great rest of the week! xoxo Holly

  8. So excited you’re coming to Boston– I know a bunch of Boston Bloggers would love to meet up while you’re in town if you have time! These photos are stunning… I’ve been wanderlust-ing about Cinque Terre and Vienna lately.

  9. i would love to travel more. i don’t think it’s going to happen this year so i am hoping i can make the most out of next year. i want to go to san francisco, new york, and hopefully somewhere abroad (either france or italy).

  10. NYC is on my travel list! I also want to head out west and see some of California, Seattle and I’d love to do Nashville and New Orleans! (and don’t even get me started with Europe-that’s a whole different wanderlust list!)

  11. I absolutely love Boston and have plans to venture to Denver one of these days so I hope you fully enjoy both!

    I have two bigger trips planned for next year. One is to Scotland to see my friend who is studying at The University of Dundee. The other is to San Francisco with some friends to view the city and venture up to Napa/Sonoma for some wine and fun!

  12. This place you shown for Rio, I’ve been to Rio a lot and never been on this place, call Laje Park. So shame! Really must go! And for currently trips, I’m planning to go to Venice next week. So excited!

  13. We are heading to Thailand & Malaysia in November.

    New Orleans is amazing. I first went there to rebuild homes after Katrina and it’s has a special place in my heart since. I go back once a year to soak in the culture.(I wish more but the 5 hour drive from Houston is so much).

  14. I travel extensively for work and luckily, suffer from wanderlust:) I am off to Rome at the end of the month and unfortunately it looks like my extension for a few days in Florence has been cancelled due to a proposed air strike, boo! Domestically austin and Key West are on my short list, along with another trio to New Orleans. South America (Argentina and Brazil specifically), Lisbon and Paris are on the bigger list.

  15. Hi Mackenzie! You inspired me to write my own list, and travel is certainly a top priority! I want to travel to several more states in the next few years (Washington, Oregon, and Montana are high on my list) but I would love to visit Greece, Ireland, and Australia!

  16. How fun! I’ve sort of learned to tell time by trips, since we now have several earmark trips each year: somewhere warm in February, Vermont in October, and Hawaii (to see my family) over the holidays. Now there’s also some work travel scattered in there, which really makes for a lot of jetting around. I used to live in London and got used to going back once a year, but now it’s been awhile and I’m itching to return. But today? Today I’m really missing my best friend, who lives in Portland. What I wouldn’t do for afternoon tea at The Heathman!