I know they’re not for everyone but I’m seriously debating a pair of over the knee boots for fall. These ladies — Chrissy Teigen, Emmanuelle Alt, and Olivia Palermo — make them look pretty darn chic, wouldn’t you agree? If you’re contemplating a pair of your own, here are a few choice selections:

Quick observation: my favorites are navy or tan (less expected than black) and, as much as I love a high heel, I think a flat heel is your safest bet with an over the knee style. What do you think? Would you wear over the knee boots? Do you have a favorite pair?

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  1. I’m so obsessed with the 3.1 Phillip Lim Ora boots! I just can’t decide which color I like better. And I’ve had my eye on the Stuart Weitzman boots for over a year, but haven’t gone through with the purchase yet. I definitely need to do it this season!

  2. I would definitely say no heel! Chic without looking too overtly sexy or (dum, dum, dum) hookerish! I would love to find a great pair for under a $100! Let me know if you find any!

  3. Chrissy Teigan has legs for days, I think it would be hard to pull this off if you’re anything short of Amazonian.
    And definitely flats or you risk going Pretty Woman pre-makeover.

    And how cute it that little girl in her mini trench and flats!

  4. I love the OTK boot trend (I am currently on the hunt for the perfect cognac pair). But, OTK boots are tricky for me because I am only 5’1″. I generally find the 19″ shafts work the best for my height. I have a black Coach pair from last year that work perfectly.

  5. I love this trend, but I’m terrified I’ll look like I’m channeling Julia Roberts à la Pretty Woman!
    I think you might just have given me the confidence to take the plunge!

    xo Amy | Well-Educated