Can I let you all in on a little secret? My apartment is a mess right now. There are products from the boutique in the kitchen cabinets, outgoing shipments lined up at the front door, and a bag of packing peanuts currently sitting in my shower. Running a small business in a tiny NYC studio apartment is so not glamorous! I keep saying it’ll make for a good first chapter in my book someday 😉

So here it goes: one of my biggest goals for the next year is to secure office space to share with friends who are also running their own businesses. I love working for myself but it’s hard working by myself all the time. I have big dreams for my business and it’s important to surround myself with the right people and enough space to make them come true! The very thought makes me giddy.

…which brings me to the above studio tour. The Everygirl photographed and interviewed the women behind Sugar Paper in their Los Angeles headquarters and the feature left me totally inspired. I’m so impressed with their space and what they’ve accomplished with their line and their team. I carry several Sugar Paper items in my boutique (shop them right here!) and loved reading about how they’ve gotten to where they are now. From my messy apartment, onward and upward!

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  1. I worked for SP during a gap year between undergrad & graduate school and so it is super fun & exciting to see how they have grown over the past few years!Not to mention see how their fan base has grown 🙂 My time working in the Brentwood shop was basically my equivalent of finishing school. I walked away knowing how to tie bows, write the perfect hand written note, and how to really make sure that “love is in the details!”

  2. I love Sugar Paper’s aesthetic, and their office space fits in perfectly with that. The gallery wall and striped wall are so pretty and charming. I would be thrilled to work in a studio that gorgeous!