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I’m on a little bit of a shopping hiatus right now… After awesome trips to New Orleans, Denver, and Boston in the past month, I’m totally inspired to buy fewer clothes and save up for more travel. But with the holidays coming up, it’s impossible not to add a few items to my wishlist! Here are the top ten things I’m coveting right now: a gorgeous winter coat, a bow-bedecked sweater, the perfect tan riding boots, navy leather shorts, suede over the knee boots… Okay, so not shopping is not my strong suit. What’s topping your wishlist this Wednesday?!

17 thoughts on “WEDNESDAY WISHLIST

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  1. i have been doing quite good at the not shopping thing because my car keeps breaking. now if only i could not shop and have my car work fine so i could actually save money.

  2. OMG you steal my wish list lol… I’m dying for this SW boots, it’s really chic and perfect for the winter. But since it never goes out of the store I’m considering for december, when I think this will be perfect. For now, loafers and my riding boot is more than ok!

  3. I’m partially to the cocoon coat since I have it in Navy and Black….it’s like wearing a chic robe outside. Get it!

    That pucci-esque sleep mask is a stellar find!