Yesterday was the first truly chilly day in New York and it had me considering my cold weather outerwear options. This is my first full fall/winter in New York and, while I grew up in Connecticut and went to school in Pennsylvania, I totally don’t feel prepared for the coming season. I spend so much more time outside here! I have a classic camel coat and a puffer coat but I think my next winter purchases will be this navy option (inspired by Amy!) and a cape coat like the above. Below are a few of my favorites… Which one would you choose?

16 thoughts on “WANTED: THE CAPE COAT

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  1. Mackenzie– you have to check out Ellsworth & Ivey! I just reviewed their regular cape style on my blog today, but they have a beautiful coat cape as well! And she’s based in NYC 🙂

  2. I feel like I would be freezing in a cape. Walking around the city with my arms exposed isn’t appealing at all. I don’t think I can pull off the Olivia Pope elbow length gloves. I learned after my first winter in Manhattan that you just forget fashion and wear your North Face down parka for at least 2 months of winter.