I’ve been something of a sweater fiend lately — all I want to wear are elbow patch sweaters and oversized cashmere. I wasn’t entirely sure how to wear a poncho before Jigsaw sent me this pretty knit option but now it’s seriously the comfiest item of clothing I own. I wore mine over a plain navy t-shirt but I also think it would be pretty cute over an oxford shirt! What do you think? Would you wear a poncho? Let’s hear it! 

P.S. Check back here this afternoon for an exciting announcement! 

22 thoughts on “OUTFIT {HOW TO WEAR A PONCHO}

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  1. I adore Pink Pineapple cashmere cable knits and have been thinking of trying out their poncho. I was a little unsure, but now I just might be sold! Also, liking the British brands featured since I’m currently spending so much time in London!

  2. I love this poncho. I remember wearing them in high school and feeling super trendy. Now I wish I hadn’t gotten rid of some of them because I think they are so cozy!

    And I agree with you on the sweater thing. I want to wear cozy knits 24/7.


  3. Love this post! Do you have any recommendations for lesser expensive options? Or any recs for capes as well? I’ve been on the search for the best one for about a year but no luck! (With one that doesn’t break the bank that is)

    Thank ya!