Last week Carly and I had the pleasure of hosting a party at the Jack Rogers store, where our friends from Sail To Sable debuted their holiday and resort collections. We both wore this dress — Carly in black, me in navy — and I wore these shoes (now on sale!). 

The store is basically the cutest place on earth! Hot pink upholstery, lime green and turquoise dressing rooms, oversized photos of Jackie O… I mean, I could move in tomorrow. 

Carly and I with the ladies of Jack Rogers and Sail To Sable! I love that three of us were wearing the same dress — the fit is just so, so good. I only picked up my dress a half hour before the event (#livedangerously) and I was so worried it wouldn’t fit properly… But anything that involves a fit-and-flare silhouette, navy velvet stripes, and mandatory twirling throughout the night is basically a no-brainer. If you need a dress for holiday parties, I highly recommend it!  

My next Sail To Sable purchase? This navy sequin dress. One of the girls from Sail To Sable wore it to the party and people actually bought the dress off her body multiple times throughout the night… Too funny.

Of course the best part was getting to catch up with blog friends and to meet lots of friendly new faces! Carly and I had so many awesome conversations with our readers and I just feel so darn lucky to have you guys in my life. Such a special night! xx

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