My mom and I popped into Nordstrom when we were up in Rhode Island for Thanksgiving and had a lot of fun sampling perfumes (thank God for coffee beans…) and a few beauty products. Marc Jacobs Daisy is already in my rotation but we both surprisingly really liked Katy Perry’s Killer Queen fragrance (a similar floral scent — I’m so predictable!). The bottle is super unique and truth be told I kind of have a girl crush on her after watching her documentary on Netflix. I decided to create a little wishlist of color-coordinated items that would look extra pretty sitting together on your countertop or dresser. Pink, orange, and a little sparkle… Yes please! Shop the post below:

*This post is sponsored by Nordstrom, a site I genuinely love and shop. Thank you for supporting the brands that make Design Darling possible!


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  1. Yes to the Katy Perry documentary! I was always somewhat neutral about her until watching it – it totally changed my feelings towards her! Also, as an RI gal, I hope you enjoyed your stay in the Ocean State =)

  2. Pink is always my go-to color, I am a fan of those lipsticks and the polish. As for perfume, I will never be one of those girls with a “signature scent” – there are just too many that I love!

    jess | Quaintrelle