I’m so excited to share that I’ve posted my second 101 in 1001 list! After crossing off 79 tasks on my first list, I couldn’t be more excited to achieve more goals this time around. Please check out my new list in its entirety right here and tweet me if you decide to write your own so I can link up! Let’s make things happen, people. I’M SO EXCITED!!!

21 thoughts on “MY SECOND 101 IN 1001 LIST!

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  1. Keratin is awesome. I used to have super curly and frizzy hair, and now, it’s really manageably even when the treatment wears off. I would highly recommend it 🙂 I know a really well priced salon, but there are always gilt city deals, too! Don’t you just love NY?

    And, I’d totally volunteer as yoga buddy if you really need one, haha 🙂

  2. I couldn’t wait to see your new list! Ok, I’ve got some questions for you about it:

    1. did you add the stuff you didn’t complete from the last one to this one? I think French was on the last one non?

    2. #5, you aren’t going to shop for a month, that is soo hard, don’t try in Feb with all the cute heart shaped items out! K, this one wasn’t so much of a question.

    3. #14! 5am?!!!! What time do you wake up now?

    btw, love how you separated your list into sections.


  3. I love that you went on to write a second list! I am still working on my first one and I need to write it somewhere else so I can work on it more!
    Love your new list! I already have ideas for my next one and can’t wait to see you accomplish these!


  4. I started to write a list & realized that with a nearly 5 month old this list was kind of beyond me! Really wish I had done something like this when I was younger or before babies!

    Maybe I’ll tackle a shorter list instead!

  5. I have so many similar goals on my endless and countless lists! In terms of learning French, I cannot tell you how amazing Rosetta Stone is! I received it for Christmas and I’m already putting together short sentences (mostly just about my dog let’s be real).

    Totally worth the money if you’re looking to learn a language! Best of luck with your list!