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I’m planning on moving into a new apartment at the end of February and I’m getting really excited for the change of scenery. I love my current apartment but I’m ready for a new neighborhood, a little more space, and… a new kitchen. There’s a reason my current kitchen wasn’t photographed for my home tour and it’s pretty simple: it’s kind of ugly. Tile floors, wood cabinets, appliances that don’t quite work… not to mention my complete lack of domestic ability. I’m hoping a new apartment and new kitchen will inspire me to stop ordering takeout (ahem, see #4) and start dining in. 

And while we’re at it, a few pretty kitchen accessories never hurt anybody. I have this soap in my bathroom and my kitchen and I’ll pretty much find any excuse to wash my hands because it smells that good. What are your secrets for domestic bliss in the kitchen? Spill! 


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  1. So exciting!
    my kitchen is my favorite room in my house! it’s my happy sane place really…anywhoo… as simple as it sounds, a clean, well organized kitchen with an array of fresh fruits|veggies and a stocked fridge always inspires me to whip something up! not to mention fresh produce always just looks pretty!

    my favorite large wood cutting board atop the counter and, of course, my kitchen aid and le creuset dutch oven are the perfect accent as well!

    happy cooking ventures to you in your new abode!

    love from sc!

  2. Finding great candles and planning meals really helps me use my kitchen more – and those appliances I have a hard time finding reason to use.


  3. I love the tea cup!
    My secret to an not-so-pretty apartment kitchen is a big marble pastry board I purchased to go on top of my counters — it’s a much prettier prep space while I’m cooking and helps for taking nicer blog photos 🙂

  4. Our kitchen is pretty big by NYC standards but I still don’t want to crowd up the countertops with too much. I think a fun dishtowel, pretty soap, and fun print can really dress up the space without being overwhelming.