My favorite way to start the day is to wake up before my alarm and see Rory snuggled up next to me. He does the most exaggerated stretch when he realizes I’m awake and then rolls over so I can scratch his tummy. I so relish those couple minutes of snuggling with his sweet little self that sometimes I think my heart could explode. It’s just the most precious little moment before either of us is fully awake — I wish I could bottle those moments and keep them forever. I tell you, it’s the little things in life!

Are you a dog person? Big dogs or little dogs (or in between like Rory)? 

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24 thoughts on “PUPPY LOVE

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  1. I want a puppy SO BAD it hurts!! I am definitely a small dog person… specifically pomeranians! I will probably always have pomeranians. I am hoping to get one in May to treat myself for law school graduation!

  2. Definitely not a dog person. I love cats, but I love golden retrievers because my aunt used to have one when I was a kid. That one in the snow looks just like him 🙂