Remember the Target bar cart that I styled for Christmas? Target just released a ton of new arrivals in the same collection and let me tell you — they are awesome. The designs are super classic and the prices are out of this world (a natural extension of yesterday’s post on decorating on a budget!). Like are you kidding me with that scalloped mirror?! I want to buy four and group them above a console table or line them down a hallway. And the tufted bench looks like it costs ten times what they’re selling it for… Total no-brainer. Have any of you seen this collection in person? Which piece are you mostly likely to add to your place?


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  1. I JUST went into Target today and was actually dying over how fabulous this collection is. I don’t really go into Targets normally, but it makes me want to go to Target every day of my life.

  2. Loving all of those! I’m moving to a new apt the end of this month so I’ve been on the lookout for new decor lately (loved your post yesterday!) I’m not letting myself by anything for the new place until I”m actually in it, but luckily I’ll be closed to Target so I can check these out!

  3. Seriously loving that scalloped mirror. SO GOOD. I haven’t seen any of the pieces in person yet but have a trip to Target on my schedule this weekend so hopefully one or two things will make their way into my cart. Happy Friday!