Helen Frankenthaler

Mark Rothko

How’s that for a bright start to your Monday? I took a bunch of art history classes in college but I’m embarrassed to say it’s been months since I set foot in a museum. And I live in New York! Something I need to work on for sure. Who are your favorite artists? Do you enjoy abstract art as much as I do? And what are your favorite museums, especially in NYC? I’ll be taking notes!

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  1. Mark Rothko is one of my favs too! And I love that you featured him. If you go to London anytime soon you HAVE to go to the Tate Modern and check out his draw-dropping works.

    I’m an art history major actually so I love this post! And I love your blog as well. Would love for you to look at my new blog:


  2. I love abstract art too. I have a piece from Kate Long Stevenson in my living room and love it. I am also loving the work of a local Dallas artist Megan Adams who does canvas and beautiful work on silk…..as well as fabric.

  3. I love abstract too! One of my very very very favorite artists is Michelle Armas. Not only are her paintings beautiful abstracts, but the prints are pretty affordable 🙂

  4. I was an art history major in college, I wish I could spend every day just wandering around the Met or MOMA! Love this post.

  5. My favourite museum would have to the the ROM (Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto). It is an eclectic mixture of turn of the century architecture and modern ascetic. But my favourite art gallery would be the AGO (Art Gallery of Ontario, also in Toronto). The renaissance section is my favourite place to spend the day. If you ever visit Toronto, I recommend seeing both (they are within walking distance from each other).


  6. I love Rothko and I especially love seeing them in museums. There are a good number of museums in Philly and I’m a member of the Philadelphia Museum of Art so I go frequently enough.


  7. I was an art history major and am guilty of not entering an NYC art museum in months either! My votes are the Frick, Whitney, MoMa, and of course the Met. The American exhibit in the Met is one of my all time favorites.