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There are a few pieces of furniture that I consider lifetime wishlist items — not pieces I could realistically splurge on in the next couple years but “someday” purchases totally fit for a dream home. My someday list above features a few of my all-time favorites: a bright birdcage chair, classic campaign pieces, colorful chandeliers, and a little lucite, always. Do you have a furniture wishlist? If so, I’m dying to know what’s on it!

P.S. On a more wallet-friendly note, affordable campaign furniture and how to decorate on a budget.


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  1. I absolutely love that Jonathan Adler lucite/wood console and would add it to my furniture wishlist as well.

    I also pine for some kind of tufted couch, bengal bazaar ikat pillows or martinique-like banana leaf print pillows, a new area rug of some sort, a new bed (you know this), a lucite item (coffee table, console, desk), real bedding, a tassel trim shower curtain (Serena and Lilly)… the list goes on. I haven’t done any furniture or major decor updates in a long time!

    <3 Amy