preppy iphone 5 5s cases monogrammed

Kate Spade (love the pocket for credit cards!)  //  Tory Burch  //  J.Crew
Lilly Pulitzer (one of my favorite all-time patterns)  //  Kate Spade  //  C. Wonder

Looking for a preppy new iPhone case? I am, after dropping my brand new iPhone 5S and shattering the screen. (Seriously, worst feeling ever!) I love the sleekness of a phone without a case but clearly I’m too clumsy to go without. Anyone have a case they love? Leave a link in the comments. I need to scoop one of these up before I make the same mistake twice!

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  1. when you snap the phone in, your lifestyle takes a 360! preppy iPhone case is indeed my most loved case yet!
    After all thanks a lot for sharing.

  2. I have bought a lot of iPhone cases…I get bored really easily….and sadly, the Lilly ones are seriously the WORST. I can’t use my headphones with it on (doesn’t fit into the jack) and I need that for calls/commuting, etc. I have purchased the old (design peeled off) and new Lilly ones, and they still haven’t figured it out. My favorite cases are C Wonder…not too bulky and just enough to protect the screen. Good luck!

  3. I love my Kate Spade pocket case! It is perfect for those who live in the city and need to have their train/bus pass handy as well as other frequently used cards. It also comes in a great two-tone color of red and hot pink! Plus the new version has a very Design Darling scalloped edge 🙂

  4. Love the scalloped one you picked and the giraffe cwonder case, i’m also in love with the cwonder case with the kitty with glasses! so quirky and cute.

  5. I love mine without a case too but when my mom came to visit me in the city last weekend she saw it and forced me to purchase a case haha. I got a black and white one from J.Crew, it’s no longer available online but I got mine at the Columbus Circle store. It’s soft on the sides and has a hard back. I still miss not having a case but this will have to do!

  6. Any idea where to get cute iPhone 5 c cases?…I have the white 5c and feel like there are no cute or designer cases for them, they are different then regular 5 and 5s so it makes it hard to find? Anyone? Help!

  7. Go to Zazzle and have one custom made with your logo. They use Case-mate cases – super cute – and are not much more than an off the rack case.

  8. I have the Lilly case in the Cha Cha print and it has been great for protecting my phone during the occasional drop. I also love that since it’s colorful, I can always find it in my bag or around the house. I have actually been thinking about getting a Lifeproof though for the summertime since I hope to be out by the water a lot and want to protect it from the elements!

  9. i have a kate spade case that i love and seems to do a good job of protecting my phone since i drop it almost daily! but that tory burch navy striped one is my fave of the ones you picked! -jill


  10. i have the tortoiseshell one from jcrew and love it! i have dropped my phone at least once a day since i got a few weeks ago. i may need the stripe tory case though!

  11. I have the Lilly Pulitzer case, but my only problem with it is that it doesn’t properly line up with the headphone jack so I have to take the case off to listen to music, but they may have fixed the problem, since I got my case in November. Also, be wary of lifeproof and otterboxes because they can break your lock button!

  12. As much as I loooove the cute, colorful, preppy cases, I simply don’t trust myself to have my phone in anything other than an Otterbox Commuter case. It’s not as bulky as some Otterboxes. They do come in some cute colors and you can upgrade with some washi tape or a custom vinyl decal.