It wasn’t my intention to skip this morning’s blog post but this week just got away from me. Lots of meetings, new projects, and an evening event on top of the usual workload… Let’s just say I’m happy the weekend is finally here, even if it just means a couple extra hours to catch up on my inbox before Monday. Phew!

So here’s all I’ve got for you: a pretty new pair of pink shoes. I’m of the opinion a girl can never have too many — I also own these (on final sale!) and these and can’t wait to wear them all spring and summer. (Maybe even tomorrow? 55 degrees!) They’ll be great with dressy shorts, white jeans, and summery skirts and dresses. Sunshine, bring it on.

I’ll be back next week with a new career feature (any guesses?!), more outfit posts, and hopefully a new spring in my step! I’ve been looking forward to tonight’s double date all week and can’t wait to log some quality time at the dog park tomorrow morning. What are you up to? Whatever it is, have a good one. Here’s hoping we all get the rest, relaxation, and vitamin D we need! xx

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