Whew, happy Friday! This week I interviewed two fabulous new career features, had a couple brand meetings, took outfit pictures in insane wind (can’t wait to see how those turn out… eek), and did dinner and drinks with a bunch of girlfriends I hadn’t seen in way too long. The career shoots in particular have become a really rewarding part of my week… I’m always nervous on the way there but the actual interview is always inspiring and I always leave with an extra skip in my step. I hope you feel the same way reading them! It makes me excited to keep producing original content for the blog and see what else my little corner of the internet could become.

This weekend is supposed to rain so I’m thinking it’s time to catch up on my Netflix queue (anyone else getting really into House of Cards?!) and maybe catch a movie in theaters if there’s anything worth seeing. (Recommendations please!) Whatever you’re up to, stay dry and have a good one! xx

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  1. i definitely feel the same way reading your career features!! those are my favorite types of posts to read, especially on a fashion-lifestyle centered blog. if you’re interested, Garance Dore and Career Contessa also have some great career interviews- maybe they can inspire you as well 🙂

  2. LOVE the career features and all of the new content. This weekend is my birthday weekend so I’m seeing Divergent in one of those fancy sit-down dinner places. Never been – so excited! 🙂 Have a fantastic weekend!