Salzburg, Austria

I don’t know about you but it seems like everyone on my Facebook and Instagram feeds is on vacation. Cue the jealousy and wanderlust! I’m excited to be taking a few weekend trips this month (more on those soon!) but I’m starting to think about a couple bigger trips later this year, one of which will be visiting my brother Grayson wherever he decides to study abroad. Time to check a few goals off that 101 in 1001 list! 😉

It got me thinking: with all the budgeting and scheduling that goes into travel, would you ever take a trip by yourself? I don’t mean hopping on a flight to meet up with family or friends in a different city but actually spending a few days (or more) in a completely new-to-you city or country. I can’t even imagine spending a long weekend alone at the beach (or mountains if that’s more your scene) but it definitely speaks to my spontaneous side! Have you ever taken a solo vacation? If you haven’t, would you do it and if you have, would you recommend it? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

P.S. I think my travel tally is 37 states and 13 countries. (Of the above locales, I’ve been to Paris and Salzburg.) What’s yours?!


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  1. I am about to embark on my first solo travel experience, as I move to Ireland for 3 months. I will be living with a family and nannying, and will have the weekends to travel around the island, meaning traveling alone. It is definitely intimidating, but something that I am kind of looking forward to, as I know I am going to grow so much through the experience. I hope traveling alone will teach me to really listen to my inner voice and trust my instincts, and ultimately help me feel secure in myself and my decisions. C’est la vie!

  2. I actually just got back from a solo trip to London from Mar 19 to 28th. At first I was incredibly nervous to take that plunge and travel alone (who would I talk to? eat with? hang out with?!), but once there I found that I really loved not having to do what someone else wanted to do because we were traveling together and I could just do what I wanted to do. It allowed me to make spontaneous decisions like going to a football match, heading up to the countryside, and just wander and take photos. I stayed at hostels which allowed me to meet people from all over the world and have a friendly place to call ‘home’ for the time I was there. Fortunately I did know a few people there & I’m a rather chatty individual and rarely found myself without at least a drinking companion to speak with at the local pub, and if eating alone I just brought a book to keep me company! I would definitely do it again, I loved the freedom and empowerment it brought me. I learned a lot about myself as a person and what I want to do with my life. xx

  3. I’ve never gone on a vacation alone, but that’s not to say I wouldn’t try it out! I’ve been to 10 countries so far (Japan and England are my favorites!) and and 31 states. It would be so fun to spend a few days alone in Paris or London, just hanging out in museums and shopping!

  4. I’ve been to 29 countries, many of them on my own! It’s definitely fun to travel with friends and family, but I’ve had some of my most amazing travel experiences while I was on my own. I usually stay at hostels for solo trips, and you meet lots of people that are in their 20’s and 30’s, with life stories that you can’t even imagine. You might meet these people if you travel with a buddy, but you’ll never really get to know them. I have a few friends that I acquired while travelling and that is a big part of what makes me crave solo travel. You can’t describe hostel friendship until you’ve experienced it 🙂

    The important thing when you travel alone is to keep feelings of extreme loneliness at bay. You’ll feel lonely sometimes (just like at home!) but it’s good to have a list of people that you can chat or skype with if you have a rough day. I find that it’s tough to go to cities with nightlife on a solo trip, because you know everyone is out at a pub/bar and it’s tough to go as a girl alone to the pub. In China/Thailand/Singapore I never felt like that because even with a friend we probably wouldn’t “get” the nightlife 🙂

  5. I traveled to Paris alone (twice) and it was the best thing! I was able to casually have conversations with Parisians seated near me in restaurants and museums, conversations I probably never would have had if I had had travel companions. Also, traveling on your own timetables, not having to compromise on where to stay or what to do (no matter the price and not worrying if your budget is different from others on the trip), and being able to spontaneously change plans are the best parts of traveling solo.

  6. I’m both enchanted and terrified by the idea of traveling alone. I think it would be a liberating experience especially for someone who is normally very social/uncomfortable with too much alone time.

  7. I’ve never traveled alone (I’ve done the actual traveling part alone, like flying, but just to meet up with people) and I don’t think I would like it. I always feel so awkward by myself, I just don’t think I could do it. I’m jealous of people that can though!! It would be nice to be able to just go somewhere if I felt like it without depending on other people.

    2013 was a big travel year for me, whereas I have no travel at all planned for the rest of this year so far. Last year I went to Belize in January, Uganda in March, then studied abroad in Switzerland for the fall semester and traveled to Spain, France, Italy, Slovenia, Austria, Germany, and Denmark. It was a great year! I think my favorite destination ever though was Japan (though I did love Slovenia and Copenhagen too!)

  8. I love to travel alone (although, of course, I love staying with friends who live in different countries as well!) I felt I had a very happy medium on my last overseas trip. While in Dublin, I stayed with friends, but spent the days exploring other parts of Ireland. I then went to London by myself and had a day there by myself before meeting up with a few friends. It’s great to be able to explore by yourself but come home to a great dinner with wonderful friends.

  9. traveling alone gives you the opportunity to actually meet new people. i backpacked through Europe alone and met new people in every place. the next year i did the same thing with a friend and it was a disaster! we ended up going separate ways. of course now that im used to traveling with my bf i love it, but its a different experience. every time i start to feel weak or down i remind myself that i’ve traveled alone, and i’m stronger than i think!

  10. I’ve done several trips alone: Krakow, Edinburgh, Luxembourg, and a few remote towns in the UK. I think it’s an experience that takes some getting used to. Many solo trips later, it gets easier. You figure out what you want to do, whether you feel comfortable eating alone that day, etc. Def. worth trying out!


  11. I went to Iceland earlier this year by myself, and it was interesting to say the least. I’m very much a lone wolf and love spending time alone, but truthfully, I missed sharing the experiences of traveling with someone else who would enjoy them as much as I do! I definitely think there is give and take in the experience!

  12. My Mom travels alone. She has done some great trips using a company that promotes solo trips! She always leaves nervous and comes back with new friends and a new perspective. So inspiring!!

    I’m somewhere around 10 states (Crossing a new one off my list next week!!)and 15 countries (studying abroad helped with that one!)

  13. I love to travel!! I’m currently at 30 states, and just 2 countries (the US counts right? 😉 )
    BUT, in 149 days (totally not counting…) I am leaving to study abroad in LONDON! And while I’m there I will go to Wales, Ireland, Scotland, Germany, France, and Spain!
    I cannot wait!

  14. Been to Saslburg, Turks and Caicos, anywhere in france being french and I live in England.
    I have never traveled alone I can’t spend 2 days alone I get bored and end up talking to myself 🙂 I would love to have the courage to travel alone. I have travelled a lot but always with family or friends …


  15. I love traveling alone, it is very self indulgent I think, in the best way possible! It is all about YOU and no need to coordinate things with others or run the itenary by anyone. I’ve traveled alone to England for 10 days and Palm Springs for a long relaxing weekend.

  16. I’ve been thinking about a solo trip recently, too. While I think there’s nothing better than a vacation with your best friends (hello, with you. boston. nantucket! and beyond!), I’m curious to see how traveling alone would be. I like to set my own schedule and always have an itinerary of what I want to do and see. However, you can’t replace the fun and adventure that comes with a partner in exploring a new place…

  17. This is something that’s been on my mind a lot lately. I’m off work this week and thought long and hard about taking a trip somewhere within the US by myself just because all of my friends are working, and like you, I have major travel envy. Safety and fearing I’ll be lonely are the things that are holding me back. I think all of you who have traveled alone really are brave!

  18. I highly recommend traveling alone! I’ve only ever done it once and it was a day trip but… I was studying abroad and really wanted to go to Cambridge so I went by myself for the day. So relaxing because I didn’t have to decide where to eat and could navigate by myself without someone telling me what to do. So I say, do it!

    Oh and so far I’ve only been to 11 states (wow I need to get on that) and 3 countries. Looks like I have some planning to do!

    I always love your posts like this-keep doing this!

    Gals and Grace

  19. You should definitely give a solo trip some thought! I traveled from Florence, Italy to Trieste when I was studying abroad in college. The purpose of the trip was running a half marathon, which might have also been my first race without a friend/family to join me at the finish line. The whole experience of traveling solo, especially in a foreign country, was something I’ll never forget and I’m so thankful I had the chance to do so.

    Can’t wait to hear about your upcoming travel plans!

  20. Yes and I love it! I went to Istanbul two years ago by myself and had an amazing time! Of course there are downsides to traveling alone, but if I waited until I had a friend who was willing to go with me (or had the means to) I would never go. Besides, you really get to know yourself and you feel incredibly empowered!

    Ashley | History in High Heels

  21. Travelling alone seems like a really huge adventure and risk that I’m willing to take. From travelling, I’ve learned a lot about myself. Imagine if I travel alone? I’m forced to conquer my fears and have new experiences. It’s worth trying…maybe when I’m older…and going somewhere not dangerous.
    Your Friend, Jess

  22. I loved traveling alone, I went for a week in Scotland by myself during holiday break while traveling abroad. My friends wanted to go on a greek booze cruise and I needed a break and to hit the reset button. I stayed at a hostel, but opted for the 4 person room vs 10 and took long walks, found an amazing restaurnt that kept pulling me back, read multiple books and did all the tourist things that were ‘too geeky’ to do with a group. Historical tours of old buildings, yup. Hours in scottish bookstores… yup!

    Today I still get responses like, “Wow you are brave” or “I would never travel alone”, but I enjoyed every minute!

  23. I am currently studying abroad in Vienna, Austria and have taken a few trips now by myself. I definitely had to get used to it the first time and felt a little uncomfortable now and then but after that I have found I really enjoy them!! You don’t have to worry about anyone else but yourself and you can do whatever you want. It gives you this energy that is indescribable!

  24. Great photos, and jealous of Salzburg. I have been to Vienna (a must) but never there. When I studied abroad I would often take little day trips on my own, and I loved it. I have never taken an extended trip by myself, but if you ever need a buddy, let me know! xo Olivia @ Lacquered Life

  25. I travel alone regularly for work, and it’s never as much fun as traveling with my husband or a friend! I like enjoying the meals and quiet moments with someone. I like spending time alone, but I think I’d rather do it at home with a book and coffee than out and about. 🙂

  26. Yes, yes! It was a great experience that I would highly recommend. I was in London for a conference and decided to extend my trip with a week in Paris, just me, myself and I. It was so lovely to be able to just wander wherever I felt, stop at any cafe I wanted, leave museums as soon as I got bored, etc. Sometimes it was a little lonely to not be able to talk about the day with anyone (I don’t speak French–by the end of the week I would chat up any American I ran into!), but I found it so refreshing to step outside my comfort zone and spend some quality time with myself.

  27. I travel most of the time alone and I love it – it’s absolute freedom. you can do whatever you like, when you like.

    In the last four years I’ve been through the US, Japan, Thailand, New Zealand, Italy and the UK alone, and in five weeks I’m going to Hawaii solo (I’m Australian).

    It can be a little more expensive as you don’t have someone to split costs with but I wouldn’t trade that freedom.