I get a lot of emails asking what to wear for a job interview or how to spruce up a professional wardrobe. The truth is that, if I’m not shooting an outfit post, I can usually wear an oxford shirt and jeans and get through my daily to dos without a wardrobe change. I’ve never bought a suit and every office I’ve ever worked in was the opposite of business formal. (My stint in PR as well as my internships at Jonathan Adler and Ralph Lauren all emphasized personal style over corporate dress code.) 
But I know not all my readers are self-employed or working in fashion and I hate to leave anyone hanging. So I was pretty excited when I stumbled upon the new-to-me blog The Classy Cubicle. Mary works in corporate America and does an amazing job dressing for it. She looks appropriately conservative and perfectly polished in every post, exactly the way I’d like to look if I didn’t work from home. Here are a few of my favorite outfits to elevate and inspire your next office look:
If you’re taking notes, the following items are must-haves:
1. A bevy of sharp button-down shirts. 
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2. Dress pants tailored to fit perfectly.
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3. A classic trench coat.
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4. A few colorful sweaters for layering.
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5. Sensible heels with flattering pointed toes. 
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I hope that helps you get dressed for your next interview or meeting! I really do try to answer all my readers’ style questions so shoot me an email if there’s something you’d like to see next. And don’t forget to pop over to The Classy Cubicle for more work wardrobe inspiration — I know you’ll enjoy her archives as much as I did! 


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  1. These are so perfect! Starting a new internship next week and will be needing the inspiration! You always know when to post the most appropriate things <3


  2. I’m with the above commenter, for an interview it’s often better to err on the side of conservative and wear a suit. I worked in university career services for a few years and we always stressed this. For a more “creative” field, a blazer and printed knee length skirt combo(or over a sheath dress) also can be option.

  3. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. I am an attorney and I also posted about interview fashion because I’ve seen some awful advice on some fashion blogs. Thank you for sharing this blog and images for inspiration!

  4. Oh my gosh, Mackenzie, I did NOT need to find TCC’s blog!! I work in an office and I’m pretty sure this is bad, bad, bad for my already bad shopping habit. But thank you, really, for pointing me in her direction. Definite work-tire inspiration. 🙂

  5. ALWAYS wear a suit and heels to an interview. These looks shown here are good for a business casual office, but you can determine what the standard dress code is after you are there. It is always preferable in the eyes of the interviewer to wear a suit because it shows that you really care about the position and how you present yourself. I say this with 13 years experience working in an office. At one point, I was in charge of the interns and had to pull girls aside to tell them things that were not appropriate for an office to help them. It is amazing what some girls seem to be surprised by! For example, no shorts — ever. Even as part of a suit. Also, always tuck in your shirt (not sweater, camisole, top). It is sloppy otherwise.

  6. Love her style, will have to check out her blog! My office is casual (I’m in marketing) so I’m free to wear what I want. However, I do own a suit and wore it to interviews. Now I just wear the blazer from it with jeans! works great!