{Hang gliding with Grayson in the Swiss Alps}

{Bridge jumping with my dad outside of Barcelona}

{Skydiving with Grayson in upstate Connecticut}

A little known fact about me: I am a tiny bit obsessed with adventure sports. You know that feeling you get during the drop of a really scary roller coaster? I know some people (hi, Mom!) hate that feeling… but I can’t get enough! I knocked a couple adventures off my bucket list during my semester abroad in college and went skydiving with my brother (and thrill-seeking partner-in-crime!) for my last birthday. 

So far I’ve done bridge jumping, hang gliding, skydiving, trapeze, and zip lining — and I would honestly do all five of them again. That adrenaline rush is unlike any other feeling in the world! Would you bridge jump or sky dive? What’s the craziest adventure sport you’ve done so far? What’s next on your list? Would love to know how many of you are adrenaline junkies as well! 🙂

P.S. If you’re more like my mom, we’ve gone parasailing a couple times as part of our family goal to see all fifty states and it’s a much more low-key but equally fun activity. Highly recommend!

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  1. Love the post! I’ve been skydiving twice and absolutely loved it…want to go again and take my husband! I am dying to go hang gliding!

  2. First – this is one of the cutest blog posts I’ve seen in a long time. You can tell how excited/happy you are in the photos! But I honestly don’t know if I could do anything like skydiving or bride jumping! The closest thing I’ve done was zip lining in Hawaii. So fun though, I’ll have to live vicariously through adventure seekers like you.

  3. Love your family’s goal of visiting all 50 states! I went hot air ballooning last fall and it was incredible. Definitely more low-key thrill seeking but an unforgettable experience!