I’m really excited about my new bedding thanks to Crane & Canopy. I love the crisp blue border and the quality is amazing. Seriously, is there anything better than climbing into clean sheets? I think not.

I’ve been devouring this book since we got back from Austin. So many trips, so little time! 

Two things: does anyone else let their dog sleep in the bed? I insist on it. Also, if you’re equally obsessed with your pet, you must get Whistle. They sent us one to try out on Rory and I’m never taking it off! It tracks his activity and sleep to make sure he’s getting enough exercise. I love seeing the spike on days when we take him to the dog park!  

But back to the bedding. I chose the Linden navy duvet cover and matching shams. White bedding might be impractical with Rory but I can’t resist — it’s just so classic! Buy a couple extra scalloped sheet sets (so cute!) so you always have a fresh set when one’s in the laundry. I topped it off with a throw pillow that’s usually on my sofa because, let’s be serious, I love blue on blue a little too much.

Oops, how did this get in here? Heart exploding. 😉


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  1. That bedding is beautiful! I just got a dog a couple of weeks ago and haven’t yet let him sleep with me. I think there’s doggy proofing needed before he sleeps outside his crate!

  2. CUTE bedding but it is waaaaay upstaged by how cute your doggie is!! I am about to do a floor up redesign of my and my husband’s first grown up home… I’m kind of terrified! “Decorating” for me up to this point in life has involved looking for something not-hideous in my price range. We’ll see how this goes!

    — Alex at Cashmere Kangaroo

  3. My puppy sleeps with me! Always! I love having someone to cuddle with at night. The bedding is adorable! I’ve been thinking of investing in a new comforter like that.

    My question is, where is your bed located in your apartment? Do you have a curtain to pull over to section it off?

  4. I’ve actually been between this Crane & Canopy comforter or a similar one from Pottery Barn Teen. Love being able to see it on a non-catalog bed, definitely gives me a better idea of the color. Also, that last picture of Rory is one of the cutest pup pics I’ve seen anywhere in a long time – can’t believe he let you pose him like that long enough to snap the shot!

  5. My two pups sleep in my bed too, it tends to get a bit squashed with 2 pugs, my husband and I in a queen size bed, but its always fun when we all climb into bed together! Also, I’m in love with that pic of Rory all snuggled into your bed!!


  6. Oh it looks absolutely comfy and high-end in a kind you can name a decoration/bedding!:)

    Wish you a lovely week!

    NIKA Bittner