Next weekend we’re headed to a wedding outside of Philadelphia for a couple who’s been living in Dallas for three years. They’ve asked their guests to don cowboy boots at the reception (thankfully I’ve held on to these!) so I need a dress that will look cute with heels at the ceremony and with boots for dancing. After sending an email full of options to my mom and girlfriends, I remembered: I happen to have thousands of stylish readers who might love to weigh in as well! Here are my top choices…

one  //  two  //  three  //  four  //  five

Cast your vote below and I’ll order the dress that gets the most votes! This should be fun 🙂

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  1. The dress looks great, the lace-up back makes it almost impossible to not get a perfect fit. The only small issue I have is the straps are too short, but I’ll make it work by adding some length to the back of them.
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  2. ame — Thanks for weighing in! I should have mentioned that I’m 5’1″ (not 5’10″+ like the models pictured) so the dresses will be a lot longer on me.

  3. All are great choices! Also, I seriously hope you get to spend some time in Philadelphia! It is a beautiful city with amazing museums (hello Barnes!) and restaurants. If you need any suggestions let me know!

  4. I think your options are all really cute, but from personal experience of pairing cowboy boots with dresses (don’t ask! haha), I’ve found texture is really important. Because the boots are so masculine, using a more feminine, dainty fabric is important.

    I think lace works best for this, but seersucker would also be great.

    (Love the bow back on this one) http://www.lillypulitzer.com/product/Dresses/Party/entity/pc/38/c/40/7128.uts?swatchName=Limeade+Lucky+Seersucker

    (You can never go wrong with navy! And it’ll contrast great against dark leather.) http://www.lillypulitzer.com/product/Dresses/Party/entity/pc/38/c/40/7071.uts?swatchName=True+Navy+Charleston+Eyelet