I don’t know about you but it seems like all anyone ever talks about these days in New York is what workout they’re doing. (Fun fact: when I lived in San Francisco, the go-to question was what restaurants I’d been frequenting lately!). Bikram, boot camp, Flywheel, Pure Barre, SLT, SoulCycle… It’s honestly a totally new vocabulary! With summer coming up and several trips to the beach on the horizon, I’ve definitely been more motivated to work out. I went for a run along the Hudson River on Monday and became totally aware of two things: 1) I am totally out of cardio shape and 2) my workout wardrobe needs a lot of work. Half of being motivated to work out is looking the part, right? My mismatched shorts-and-sneakers combo paired with a ratty college t-shirt isn’t exactly inspiring. This is more like it…
top  //  hair ties  //  shorts  //  sneakers

clockwise from aqua at top:
aqua  //  hot pink  //  teal  //  turquoise  //  pink  //  lavender  //  red  //  lime

I’m thinking it’s time to make my activewear selection a wardrobe priority: leggings and tops from Thomas Kelly, running shorts from Krass & Co., and a rainbow of Nike sneakers. They’ve always been my favorite sneaker (we’re talking since middle school gym class here, people) and I’m excited to slip into a new pair of the Nike Free 5.0 this summer. Have you ever seen cooler color options in your life? I know it’s not all about fashion but, actually, wait, isn’t it? Which is your favorite color?!

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  1. I’m so into those tennis shoes! Such cute colors. I am definitely not into working out. I just never have been. I do love yoga though! I get restless after more than 20 minutes, so I really enjoy just doing youtube videos at my house. I would love to have a yoga studio at my future home!

  2. I love the turquoise shoes (and shorts, and tops!) I am totally in the same boat. I have been running a little but not enough for good cardio health and want to up my motivation by upping my workout wardrobe! Nordstrom has a bunch of good picks on sale right now. I posted about it here:

    And seriously, I reiterate what Shelby said, try Zellas–they are so comfy and cost less than Lulu!

  3. You should check out Zella leggings! I’d previously been a lulu devotee but Zella is where it’s at. You can wash and dry them and they still suck you in and retain their shape. Plus, they cost less than lulu!

  4. I’m absolutely addicted to Soul! But in the summer, I find myself more interested in running outside and am definitely in the market for some new kicks. Nike free are amazing and these colors are great- think I’m going to go with lavender.