Road trip! We’re hitting the road and heading to Philadelphia for a wedding. (I’ll be wearing the dress you all picked out for me!) I’m excited to get out of town for a couple days, meet a bunch of new people, and hit the dance floor. I’d like to wear the above outfit for the drive out there… I saw this dress on a girl at an event with Sleepy Jones this week and immediately had to have it. We might have time for brunch on Sunday before heading back to the city so Philadelphia peeps, please leave your suggestions in a comment! Happy weekending and thanks for reading! xx

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  1. LOVE that dress!!! And Philly is such a beautiful city, all of it. You must go to Rittenhouse square and visit the Anthropologie like Reba said, is an experience. Also go and have breakfast at Reading Terminal (incredible market)and go for a walk along the river beside the museum. And there’s a jewelry store on Pine st. I think, is very small but sure the most unbelieveable you’ll ever see, ask around and go.xoxo

  2. Either Sabrina’s or Parc. Both very different. If you want to experience Rittenhouse go to Parc. Anthropologie is right there. I know you have a plenty in NYC, but the building is well worth a look see. Reading terminal is another smorgasboard of sights and sounds and smells. Enjoy our city. I enjoy yours. Rebecca

  3. Parc is great and beautiful and Cafe Lift is industrial and delicious and byo (but a little bit out of the way). Kanella is a Cypriot place with an incredible brunch: they take reservations and are byob. Try the Shakshouka!

  4. I love the brunch at Green Egg Cafe (byob) and Cafe Lift (13th and Callowhill) also BYOB. Also, if you have time walk around the Northern Liberties neighborhood, its very trend and there are tons of cute restaurants and shops! Sabarinas is always an option, I personally find Parc best for lunch or dinner, but the other comments are right on about how great it is for people watching. Also, a new pastry called the Donoli is for sale at Frangeli’s bakery in south Philly and its a MUST, its the new cronut of Philadelphia! Enjoy your time in the Keystone state 🙂

  5. I second Parc for a chic Sunday brunch – if you sit outside, it looks like a Parisian cafe and the people watching is incredible. (Cannot vouch for food, only ambience and crowd).

    Have fun! <3

  6. Sabrina’s has the best brunch in Philly (they have a few locations in the city, all of which are good). Unfortunately, they don’t take reservations and are always busy on the weekend, so try to get there early!

  7. Enjoy my city and love the dress!

    A few brunch suggestions:
    -Sabrina’s Cafe at 18th and Callowhill: doesn’t take reservations but definitely worth the wait; BYOB
    -Parc: for a swanky (and delicious) brunch on Rittenhouse square
    -Day by dy: 21st and Sansom; BYOB; Doesn’t take reservations but also worth the wait

    There are countless others but those are 3 of my faves!