It’s a pretty rare occasion that my three siblings and I are all at home at the same time. With me working in New York, Reilly working in Massachusetts, Grayson at school in Pennsylvania, and Camden in high school in Connecticut, it just doesn’t happen nearly enough. The stars aligned this weekend, though, and we got to spend Sunday dinner and all day Monday as one big happy family. (Has anyone else found that they’re even closer to their siblings now that they’re a little bit older? All the petty arguments have stopped and it’s pretty much constant storytelling and tears-rolling-down-your-face-can’t-take-a-sip-of-water kind of laughter.)

On Sunday night, we sat outside on my parents’ back deck and ate berries, corn on the cob, hamburgers and hotdogs for the non-vegetarians, yummy salad, and Brussels sprouts from my mom’s garden… Easily the best meal I’ve had in months and the most I’ve laughed probably since we were all together at Christmas. On Monday morning, we woke up early, got coffee, and found seats for the Memorial Day parade. Camden is an EMT with the local ambulance crew (run by high school students… no big deal) so we were sure to embarrass him with lots of cheering when he walked by. I also ran into my old gymnastics coaches which was a welcomed blast from the past.

Then it was off to Rowayton for lunch by the water. We almost always skip lunch at a real restaurant in favor of grabbing a baguette, cheese, and fruit and eating on the back deck at Rowayton Market overlooking the water. Highly recommend! Then it was time for a leisurely stroll around my favorite Connecticut town. There are so many beautiful homes and views I figured it’d be rude not to share 😉

Patriotism at its finest.

Adore this little garden planted on top of a stone wall!

I’d like to camp out in these Adirondack chairs all afternoon, please and thank you.

If you live in the tristate area and you’re looking to plan an easy weekend day trip, put Rowayton on your list! It’s an hour long train ride from Grand Central and has the feel of Nantucket without the travel time. And don’t forget an ice cream cone from 101… There’s an amazing art gallery in the back and the Mount McKinley mint is not to be missed 😉

What’s your favorite day trip in New England? Always love to hear your recs! xx


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  1. Sounds like a wonderful weekend! It is so nice to have wonderful times like that with family! Love all your images, especially the one with the large lawn leading out to adirondack chairs looking over the ocean=perfection!