Want to make a peony wreath for spring and summer? Inspired by my friends Kelsea, Loren, and Sara Kate, I set out to create my own peony wreath before my sister came to spend the night at my apartment. What’s more welcoming than a fragrant wreath made with everyone’s favorite flower? Nothing, that’s what. Here’s how to make your own: 
1. Gather your materials.
You’ll need the following:
– Green chicken wire
– Green floral wire
– Wire cutters
– Wire clothing hanger
– Greenery of your choice (I used a combination of boxwood and plant stems)
– Flower of your choice (I went with hot pink and white peonies)
2. Bend your chicken wire into the shape of your choice. 
Secure with floral wire.
3. Cut a wire clothing hanger and weave the ends into your chicken wire.
Secure with floral wire. If you have a strong hook or nail, you may skip this step.
4. Arrange greenery into your chicken wire.
Longer stems can be woven through the wire. Smaller pieces should be secured with floral wire. This would be especially easy with garland during the holiday season.
5. Place your peonies.
This is the fun part! I wound up using one and a half dozen blooms but you can adjust depending on your color scheme, whether you prefer an organic or structured look, etc. Secure with floral wire as necessary.
6. Hang and enjoy.
I almost wish I made this with artificial flowers so it would last forever but the smell is too good to resist. These wreaths would be perfect decor for a party or a wedding and definitely make a thoughtful touch for house guests. If you decide to make one, tag me on Instagram (@mackenziehoran #designdarling) so I can check it out! 

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  1. Very pretty and I bet your apartment sounds amazing! I saw a DIY paper peony wreath kit at a local craft store, so perfect timing on this post!

  2. That is BEAUTIFUL! I want to make one with faux peonies that I have because in Houston heat a real one will last about a minute on my front door. I would LOVE to see a picture of the wire frame though. You kinda lost me on that step of the directions. I am sure it is not a pretty photo but it would be super helpful in making the wreath.