First of all, a huge THANK YOU for your comments on yesterday’s post. Every single comment (and email!) was super helpful to me in shaping the content on Design Darling in the months and years to come. Now back to the posts you requested most!

One of the most frequent questions I’m asked every summer is what to do and where to eat on Nantucket. I’ve been to the island every summer since I was born and I love bringing new friends there for the first time. Both my parents and my grandmother have homes there so I’m lucky to have lots of reasons to visit throughout the year. I’ve posted about Nantucket probably a million times (here, here, here, and here for starters!) but here are a few pictures from my most recent weekend trip as well as a list of some of my favorite restaurants on the island.

Guacamole, fish tacos, and margaritas in a more quiet part of the island. Bonus points: you might get my brother Grayson as a waiter! 😉
Best for cocktails at sunset but often closed for wedding receptions so be sure to call ahead! Also a perfect brunch spot if you bring sunscreen. Eating a lobster roll with your toes in the sand? Heaven on earth.
Other favorite spots:
– The outdoor patio at The Brotherhood (two words: curly fries)
– Brunch at Black Eyed Susan’s
– Ice cream cones at The Juice Bar (I dream about their homemade cookie dough…)
– The deck at Queequeg’s (perfect spot to share a bottle of rosé pre-Juice Bar #healthyhabits)
– ‘Sconset Market (we used to sneak out of church early to pick up their famous blueberry muffins!) 
Have you been to Nantucket? What places would you add to the list? I could use a few new recommendations for our next trip in July!
*photos by Amy Stone and from my Instagram


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  1. Your website is five stars. As a Momager I am slowly finding my favorite people and style spots to follow. How did I not know that this pretty Former DHS Bluewave blogger was burning up the Internet? Great job!

  2. We were married at the Galley, I am biased but it’s my favorite. The beach bar is the best spot for a drink on the island. I have spend every summer out there too, nothing else like it 🙂

  3. Great post! Nantucket is probably our favorite place to dine…we love Millie’s, The Pearl, Corazon, sandwiches from Provisions and Bartlett’s pies! Fusaro’s and 56 Union are great off season when many seasonal hot spots are closed. Heading over next Sunday for the summer and we can’t wait!

  4. I can’t believe you have been there every summer since you were born! What a lucky girl you are! 🙂 Hopefully I will make it out there someday soon!!

  5. Great suggestions, I love them all. Especially the Juice Bar. I would like to add Corazon del Mar – not for food, but for drinks. Specifically the Goddess of Agave and the Hibiscus Marg (no longer on the menu but they’ll make it for you if you ask nicely). And the oysters from Cru were a delicious surprise last summer, not to mention the decor in that place is to DIE. Definitely an upgrade from Ropewalk!

  6. Hi Mackenzie love this post 🙂 My husband and I live in London and had our honeymoon in Rhode Island and around on a road trip! Didn’t get to visit Nantucket though so we might go back in september 🙂 I was wondering if you or Amy as she took the pictures, wouldn’t mind sending me the original size of the first one I love it and would love to frame it for our bedroom 🙂 if you or she doesn’t mind of course!

    thank you so much


    my email is infosylviassparkles@gmail.com

  7. I actually loved The Lobster Trap from our last night – despite our unfortunate early departure! Their fries were SO good, swordfish was perfect, and let’s not forget about the lobster bibs.

    Or that skater boy.


  8. The curly fries are good, but the calamari at the Brotherhood is amazing!! One weekend we were on Nantucket, my husband and I went back for dinner every night just for more of the calamari. :p