Blogging isn’t always as glamorous as it seems. I’ve had a few friends take a stab at blogging for all the perks, only to jump ship when they realized how hard it is to actually sit down and make yourself write something new every single day. There’s a lot of alone time, constant comparison to what other people are doing, and plenty of self-doubt over whether your diligence will ever amount to anything. That said, I’d be lying if I said the pros don’t completely outweigh the cons. I’ve met so many incredible people, had so many cool experiences, and even seen new-to-me places because of this little blog I started back in college. So while I’ll never complain about getting to collaborate with a new brand or receiving a free handbag in the mail, it’s the experiences and the friendships I value above all else.

Getting to travel out to the Hamptons with C. Wonder last week is exactly the kind of experience I’m talking about. Fill a bus with my favorite bloggers and business women and drop them off at a gorgeous home in Southampton… It’s the kind of day that dreams are made of. The public relations team at C. Wonder is one of the most awesome groups of women I’ve met in New York; they’re all so perky and smart and just really well-suited for their jobs. They wear the clothing in a way that makes me see C. Wonder totally differently — I swear I could have stolen their outfits right then and there. (D-y-i-n-g for this silk dress in olive green.) Instead let’s settle for a little early summer shopping spree, shall we?

Can we talk about this pool? It’s definitely the crown jewel of Chris Burch’s home. (And it should come as no surprise that I love all the hot pink and navy!) It was such a treat to get out of the city and spend a little time in the Southampton sunshine. 

Want to know the way to my heart? Easy: lobster rolls. My favorite summer food and extra pretty when served on a navy coral tray.

Oversized pots of hydrangeas? This must be heaven on earth.

I loved this side view of the house. Such a dream home! I dream of having that much space to decorate and landscape and wallpaper as I please. I’m pretty sure every other blogger there felt the same way!

Thank you, C. Wonder, for getting together such a good group of people and showing us all such a wonderful time! 

P.S. If you’ve had your eye on something from C. Wonder but haven’t pulled the trigger, there’s a good chance it’s in their epic summer sale. Shop it here!


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  1. CT Cupcake — That’s not at all an expectation. The point was a fun escape from the city that bloggers would want to Instagram, blog about, etc. to spread awareness of C. Wonder as a brand and on social media, but it was certainly not a requirement for those attending to post anything, wear anything, etc. Hope that clears it up!

  2. I noticed a few bloggers didn’t wear items from C. Wonder to the event. Is it not expected that guests would wear the brand to the event? It seems like they would want that in return.