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My style tends to be very classic (let’s “blame” it on my mom working for Ralph Lauren my entire childhood, okay?) but every now and then comes a trend I can get behind. This summer it’s off the shoulder tops and dresses. I think collarbones can be super sexy (in an elegant, understated way) and I know lots of girls (myself included) who aren’t exactly in love with their arms. Enter the off the shoulder top, which is as breezy as a tank top without leaving you feeling quite as exposed. (Unless of course you can pull off a crop top, in which case this one is seriously gorgeous.) I’ve rounded up a few of my favorites below… Are there any you think you’d wear? What other trends are you trying this summer? 


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  1. Great post! Off-the-shoulder tops are a hit or miss for me, but once in awhile I’ll stumble upon one I love! This summer (and every summer) I am so into high-waisted-shorts. So flattering on everyone!

    Xx Bee