My birthday is on Saturday (stay tuned for our biggest sale ever in the boutique!) and I can’t believe I’m turning 25. It feels like such a grown-up age! On the one hand, graduation hardly feels like it was three years ago; on the other, I have friends who are buying homes and getting engaged and talking about babies. Where does the time go?! I have no idea where I’ll be at age 30 but if the next five years are anything like the last five (literally everything has changed!), I think there’s plenty to be excited about. 

Age is such a funny thing, isn’t it? I know 25 isn’t old per se but it’s definitely a crossroads for my peer group. All anyone seems to talk about is how much longer they plan to live in New York, whether they’re dating the person they’re going to marry, what career changes they’re contemplating… They’re all very real decisions with serious long-term consequences. The big decisions we’ve made up until this point (where to go to college, which subject to major in, where to live after graduation) kind of pale in comparison. It’s exhilarating and scary and fascinating at the same time.

I’m curious to know your thoughts on age and birthdays and growing up. How do you celebrate your birthday? How do you feel about your age? Are you where you thought you’d be? Are you excited about getting older? And the age-old (ha) question: where do you see yourself five years from now? This birthday girl is all ears. xx

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  1. Happy, happy birthday!

    You hit the nail on the head by describing 25 as not old, but a crossroads. Although I just turned 24, I had a conversation with some fellow Southern friends living in NYC about how quickly things change during the first few post-grad years. So many of our friends at home are married, buying houses, planning for children, etc. and our lives here look completely different. We’re all doing different things, but that’s okay because this season is a crossroads. We’re no longer all going about our day-to-day doing the exact same things together like we did in college and high school, but everyone is happily figuring it out along the way, and that should be celebrated!

    Cheers to you, friend!

  2. I turned 25 in June. To be honest, I’m not where I thought I would be – I’m still in law school, but I don’t want to be a lawyer. I’ve worked full time in an office environment – but I don’t want to do that particular job forever either. For me, my mid-twenties has been all about accepting that I simply don’t know where I’ll be in five or ten years time. At this stage, I don’t know where I’ll be or what I’ll be doing next year!

    I used to get so caught up in living out what I thought was a pre-ordained timeline to success – not so much anymore. 25 is an age where we are on the cusp of so much: professional success, financial stability, finding the one and getting married, buying a home, starting a family. It’s silly to compare ourselves with our peers at this age, when there is so much change in everyone’s lives. There are things I wish I’d known before now, but honestly? Just enjoy the ride.

    Happy birthday, M.

    Amy x
    Girl for Granted

  3. I turned 25 in June. For me it is only a milestone year if you want it to be. We are still young, yet we have lived a little. It is a time when we have to define what we want and what we can give. I have lived in New York City for 3 years now, am not anywhere near marriage or owning a home as many of my peers are, but I have traveled a different path, one that is authentic to me. 25 can be a big year, and how we choose to live today will influence how we live tomorrow. We have so much to learn, but still so much to give. Personally, the only thing that was added to my list of things that are scary about growing up and becoming an adult, is the fact that I can now say things like, “I have been friends with this person for 19 years.” or “I have played piano for 20 years.” That is what is a little scary! Happy Birthday! Enjoy the day in a way that is authentic to how you want to live your life and spend your 25th.

  4. Happy (early) birthday!

    I will be 26 in September and 25 was definitely a milestone year for me. I feel like it is the year where I became most comfortable with being who I am. So much of my earlier twenties was spent trying to get everyone to like me and figure out my job and comparing myself to others. This was the year where I fully embraced where I was and didn’t worry about the lack of engagement ring in my life! 🙂 I definitely have friends all at different stages and I am truly happy for them but perfectly content where I am.

    Congratulations on your 25th! I am excited to follow along and see how being a quarter of a century treats you! 🙂



  5. Happy birthday sweet girl! So far, 25 has been interesting because, like you said, I’ve noticed it’s the age in which there’s the MOST disconnect between peers. Half of my friends are engaged and/or expecting, the other half are doing some combination of backpacking around Europe/switching jobs every 6 months/partying until 3am on a Tuesday. And honestly? Good for both groups. I think it’s just important to accept that after you graduate college, the age lines start to blur, and I disagree with ANYONE who says you have to be doing so and so by this and that age.

    Enjoy your special day, and enjoy 25! xx

  6. Age truly does not bother me (probably because of my late birthday). I don’t mind getting older – life happens how it does for a reason and I think great things come with getting older. I am about where I thought I would be – I am excited about my recent career change and am looking ahead in that sense! Happy birthday to you my little spatula! 🙂 xo cq

  7. I turned 25 in January and it was actually a pretty scary idea at first. All of a sudden, everything became really serious in my mind. I kept getting anxious about wasting time at a job that I wasn’t sure was a career or wasting time with a boy who may not be the one and feeling like I need to make all these big time decisions right this second!

    It took me a couple weeks to calm myself down and really think about the kind of person I am. I am super independent and have been known to say the phrase ‘I do what I want’ quite a lot to others. So that is exactly what I’m going to use the rest of my 20’s to do. I never HAVE to make any decision just because everyone else is at that moment and no decision I ever make HAS to be final.

    So take a deep breath and grab a big glass of champagne and think about all the things you are going to get to do in the next five years and make sure to include everything you want and remember that NOTHING has to be final and decided.

    Btw, I just discovered Design Darling a couple days ago and already have a cart that has been sitting in wait for a sale! I can’t wait! I saw the cutest things to decorate my new desk!


  8. I’m turning 25 in November and I’ve definitely been taking time to think about the milestone lately. Personally, I think it’s a huge accomplishment and a motivation to continue to grow. I definitely think this has been the best time of my life and I’m looking forward to new adventures.

  9. I have always felt older than what my age is…but at 25, I feel just right! Married right out of college and moved to Alaska with my husband who is in the army. Because of that, other things have been put on hold, like my career and a house. But now that we have less than a year left in the military (!!), I get to work toward achieving those fun things.
    I’m excited for the next five years; hopefully I will be the author of a published novel, running a small business (whether out of a darling storefront or my basement), and adding some littles to our family. Oh yeah, and I want a trip to Disney World under my belt! Gotta dream big, right?
    Happy early birthday, Mackenzie!!

  10. In a few months I turn 30. I think at 21 that age would have scared me, but every year in my twenties has been better than the last. So I know that throughout my 30s life will continue to amaze me, surprise me, and get better. I love myself so much more as I get older, and I honestly would never go back to anything but today. Happy Birthday!

  11. Happy early birthday! I’ve followed your blog for awhile but this is my first comment 🙂 I am turning 26 next month (!!) If you ask me 10 years ago where I would be now, I would say that I’d be married with a baby on the way. In reality, I am no where near that stage in life yet (and it’s ok)! Things change. What matters is embracing the most out of the present moment. Keep up the great job with the blog and boutique!!

  12. I remember when 25 seemed like such a big leap! And it is- in a way. You perfectly described the crossroads felt in the mid-twenties. I turned 25 about 3 years ago. It was one of my most memorable birthdays!

    The early 20’s are for graduating college, drinking legally, starting your future, and discovering yourself. The late 20’s (I have found) are about establishing yourself, potentially meeting your soulmate and figuring out your future. You put the “first job” aside and look for the “career” job.

    The late twenties involve different exciting things then your early twenties did like watching friends and family grow as people get engaged, marry and have kids. So many FUN events start to fill up your calendar and weekends like bachelorette parties, bridal showers, baby showers, dress shopping.

    I have to say- I think the late 20’s are EVEN more exciting! You’re mature, accomplished and planning a real future. Although the partying has slowed and the hangovers last longer- a few cocktails and friends are ALWAYS a good way to celebrate! Cheers to turning 25 and having the future at your finger tips! The best is always yet to come… 🙂

  13. Happy early birthday! I turn 30 in two months and while it is slightly scary, I’m okay with it. There are much worse things in life.

    For those slightly anxious about life between 25-30, here’s a bit of unsolicited advice:
    1) You alone are responsible for your happiness. Money nor other people can ensure your happiness.
    2) Take care of your body and finances. Both can go downhill very suddenly.
    3) Quit comparing your life with someone else’s. When you wish for someone’s life, you wish for their demons as well.
    4) Don’t be afraid to take risks! It will become harder once you have children or a mortgage. Travel, go back to school, reinvent yourself, etc. Take risks while you can!!!

  14. I’m turning 23 this fall, and by the time my birthday rolls around my life is going to be so different than it is now, and I’m not sure how I feel about that.

    I’m getting ready to move to NYC for grad school, i’m moving next week…eeeeekkk. It’s going to be a huge adjustment, and I’m super excited but also nervous (especially since I don’t know anyone in the city yet!) So I can only hope that by the time November comes that I’ll be well into my new adventure and LOVING it!

    Happy Birthday!


    Happy Birthday–love your blog!

    xoxo Hannah

  15. I turned 25 in November and it felt like a momentous age for me too. It’s also my “golden year”. I bought a house and got engaged so I have felt more like an adult than ever. But, I find that I still sometimes feel like I’m 18! Buying the house was scary for me, I kept thinking “I’m not old enough for this!”. Enjoy your birthday and happy 25th!

  16. I’m only a few months from 23 and I am so up in the air about everything hahaha. To celebrate I always just want to go have dinner with friends and/or family. I feel like it is the perfect excuse to get everyone together. How do I feel about my age? I feel like it is just a number, because I always want to be me no matter what. I had no idea where I would be at this age so who is to say if I am where I thought I would be. I did think I would have it a little more figured out and maybe moving out of the south but there is still time for that. I am excited about getting older and learning what is next.
    In Five years I want to be growing into a career or starting my own business maybe I don’t know and of course still blogging.


  17. Rachel — Such a healthy outlook. What’s right for one person definitely isn’t always right for everyone else! I’m right there with you. Oh and I have ALWAYS wanted to do the Kentucky Derby — how fun!!!

    Jessie — Thank you! I love that we’re the same age. Best of luck in your new city!

    Sylvia — You are too kind. Isn’t life funny? Just when we think we have it all figured out, life throws us a curveball. Sweet serendipity! Fingers crossed you wind up in the USA…!

    Hunter — College is such an exciting time — I grew up SO much between freshman and senior year! NYC will be here for you when you graduate 🙂 Enjoy every single second!

  18. I’ll be turning 18 this year, so the whole age thing isn’t really an issue right now, it’s actually super exciting because I will be an adult! As far as getting older goes though, it is kind of scary to think I’ll be in college so soon and then, after that, (hopefully) living in NYC and making my way in the world! Hope you have a great birthday 🙂

    Prep on a Budget

  19. Hi Mackenzie 🙂 almost 25 and stunning as usual! I turned 24 end of July and it definitely feels so strange growing up so quickly … I think the 20’s are the most amazing, so many changes and decisions but they are also the scary ones lol I was 18 (not long ago) and wanted to move to New York since I was 10 and then I met someone and ended up staying in London my 21st birthday got engaged and my 23rd I was getting married in NYC 🙂 I never thought I would get married at 23 but I am definitely where I wanted to be! I have discovered the wonderful world of blogging and the wonderful people because I once fell on your blog years ago! Definitely few projects for the future so (in my everyday dreaming) I see myself in 5 years with kids and in America (I can dream of a free green card right?) 🙂 Sometimes I feel like I should stop breathe and enjoy the moment before I wake up at 40 with a full house lol

    I hope you have a wonderful day on saturday!

    Xo Sylvia

  20. Happy early birthday! 🙂

    I turn 25 soon too and totally know how you’re feeling! I don’t feel a huge pressure to follow a certain timeline, but I’m married, just moved to a new city, and am still trying to get my career figured out,so I know how crazy overwhelming this age can be! I hope you have a wonderful birthday! xoxo

    Jessie Holmes Springer

  21. Happy Early Birthday!!!

    I turned 25 in May. Pretty much everyone I know has freaked out about turning 25, but I actually embraced it. I still feel SO young – haven’t accomplished nearly what I would like yet. Friends are getting married all around me and I feel so not mature enough for that, and I’m completely fine with it!! I think everyone hits their stride at a different point and you just have to live life and not worry about the number associated with it.

    For my birthday I had dinner with friends and then spent the weekend at the Kentucky Derby – it was perfect!

  22. Gabriela — That is HILARIOUS. I want to find that meme and send to my girlfriends…

    Ashley — You’re so young!!! 20-25 is such an exciting time. Go get ’em!

    Morgan — Congratulations on your engagement! So exciting. I love that saying — I’m definitely one to look forward, not back! Cheers!

    Ellen — Good clothes, good food, good friends… Sounds like a perfect birthday to me!

    Kelsey — I so appreciate that compliment, thank you! Embrace being 21-22… That was a big year for me!

    Amy — You didn’t miss a thing besides regrettable outfit choices and too much cheap vodka 😉 Looove you!

  23. Excited to celebrate your birthday, MH! 25 is y-o-u-n-g. Just ask anyone older than that 😉

    To be honest, because I did not enjoy the entire 4 years of college, I feel thankful to be (almost) fully content with my life no matter what age I am now or how long it took to get to this place. I often feel like I “lost” so much time in my early twenties and that it disadvantaged me socially and professionally, but that’s not necessarily true anymore. I also think there’s a lot less attention and emphasis on age or the “number” in New York. There’s not set time limit to get things accomplished here. One could be a global director at 26 or still an intern! hehe.

  24. First of all, I am loving how thoughtful your blog has become lately, its perfect.
    I just graduated in may and im 21, but i have such a later birthday (end of october) that ive always just rounded my age up. Ive been saying in 22 for months now, just because all of my peers are already 22. but! i think that soon i will eat up saying how young i am, especially when people start turning OLD.
    as for birthdays, i just love having a small group of my closest friends out to dinner and drinks, but this year all of my friends with fall birthdays are trying to plan a wine tour, since we’re home in upstate ny! happy birthday and have an amazing year xoxo

  25. I am a few months away from 25 also and I cannot believe where the time has gone. It feels like college was yesterday and light years away at the same time. I am excited to turn 25 but I have all of those same indecisive feelings you do. I definitely will celebrate just because I will use any excuse to hang out with my friends and eat good food and get all dressed up! As for the five years, I am not sure but I do have goals for the coming year that are definitely pushing me forward! Happy Birthday girl, celebrate it!

  26. I turned 25 in May. I own a condo and am engaged to be married next year. I feel so, so old. I wish I could I back 5 years and relive my glory days haha, but I am so excited for what the next 5 years will bring.

    I read somewhere that you’re not really old until you stop dreaming about the future and start dreaming about the past. So I think we can still be young and 25-30 🙂

  27. I’m a few months away from 25 and I agree, it’s scary and exciting at the same time. I saw a meme recently that said “Half the people my age are having babies and the other half are too drunk to find their phones,” and that made me laugh because it’s so true! Even though getting older is weird, I had a very up-and-down college experience and I’m so happy to be at a more stable place in my mid-twenties. And as my dad says, “you never feel older- you just feel more tired.”

    Happy halfway to fifty!