I know I’m late to the game here but I just have to make sure every last one of you knows about Mansur Gavriel. These bags… OMG. I’m hardly one to hop on the “it bag” bandwagon but these might just be too good to resist. Each piece pairs high quality neutral leather with bright contrast interiors — each color combination is more yummy than the last. Founded by Rachel Mansur and Floriana Gavriel, the collection is designed in New York, produced in Italy, and… sold out just about everywhere. You can preorder on their site for December (I’m eyeing this or this) or cross your fingers for a more timely restock at Barneys, Editorialist*, Forward by Elyse Walker*, Matches, Moda OperandiNet-A-Porter, ShopBAZAAR, or Steven Alan.
* = some styles currently available for purchase 

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  1. I’ve been obsessed with these bags for months! I’m so envious everyday, on my commute,when I see girls with them. I may have to get it as a Christmas present to myself!

  2. I live in Kansas City, so not exactly a fashion mecca, but a girl I go to Bar Method class with has one of the bucket bags…I definitely drooled and gushed over it the first time I saw it. So pretty.

  3. I love them, too! That white & navy bucket tote is Mackenzie Horan in a bag – you need! There are a few women in my office with the nude bucket bag and I enviously eye it every time I walk by their desks. Perhaps InTheFall or NextSummer…?

  4. Their bags are just so beautiful! I have been eying them for months. But how did I miss that perfect white and navy one you shared…what a perfect color combo. Initially I was eyeing the tan leather in the tote..but this white beauty might have stollen the show.
    xo Nan
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