Ta da! Design Darling got a total makeover and I’m so excited to share it with all of you! It was definitely time for a little sprucing up but I’d say this is a head-to-toe transformation, don’t you think? I enlisted my friend Hanna of GADABOUT CREATIVE to elevate and streamline everything and I’m obsessed with the way it turned out.
A few features you won’t want to miss? The very official Design Darling travel guide, with endless recommendations for where to eat, shop, drink, pamper, and frolic in New York and Nantucket as well as some of my favorite discoveries from recent travels. (Crossing several goals of my 101 in 1001 list!) The wishlist in the sidebar will be updated frequently with design and fashion finds I’m coveting. And the images at the top and bottom of the homepage will take you straight to the boutique, a pretty way to tie together both endeavors under the Design Darling umbrella. Oh and the handwriting in the header belongs to yours truly… I live for handwritten notes so it feels like the perfect personal touch!
I’ve been obsessing over every last detail so I’m dying to hear your feedback! I’m sure we’ll be tweaking a few things over the next couple weeks so please let me know if there’s anything that looks a little off from your browser or reader. Cheers to Design Darling 2.0 — I hope you love it! xx

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  1. Hey Mackenzie. I wanted to let you know that for some reason your new posts aren’t showing up on Internet Explorer. I assumed you just hadn’t been posting because of your birthday and the trip to the Caymans, but I got on Mozilla and was surprised that there were a ton of posts I hadn’t seen before. Love the new look!


  2. Love the new layout- looks amazing! You should use hyperlinks in the Travel Guide to connect to the post that you talk about the different places listed- I’d love to hear your input on each place!

  3. echoing what everyone else has said i’m sure — this is BEAUTIFUL!!!! a true upgrade and reflection of your bright and classy personality. I love it, congrats!

  4. Loving the new layout, Mackenzie! So fresh, bright and fun! The handwritten header is such a sweet personal touch 🙂


  5. I absolutely LOVE the redesign! So beautiful and classic looking! Excited to explore all of the new features! Congratulations!

  6. Love everything!!! The peonies just make me happy and your pic is stunning! I want that bow clutch!!! I just can’t stop looking at everything. Fabulous job!

  7. Hello Mackenzie!

    LOVE the reveal and am excited to follow along with your new endeavors. I sent you an email a few days ago (from Nikita but a different email address than what I’m posting from now) and was wondering if that was the correct place to reach you. mackenzie at design darling dot com? I know you must be inundated with emails, just checking if I could expect a reply 🙂 thank you!!

  8. the new site looks amazing! all the little details are perfect and i love the fact that the header is your handwriting! also, the picture you used is one of my favorites of you!

  9. What a pleasant surprise!! Yours is really the only blog I religiously check via URL (versus my Bloglovin dash) every single day, so I am so happy to see you begin this new step with your site! The whole design is perfect for your aesthetic – from the navy and pink details to the peonies. Love it and am so excited to continue following along. This might just inspire me to give myself a kick in the butt finishing my own redesign I began a few months back. Thanks for the inspiration and congrats! xx

  10. Mackenzie this looks absolutely amazing! Love the personal touches at the top and a new way to connect to the boutique.

  11. you continue to impress me with everything on your blog and you keep becoming more mature and professional as time goes on. beautiful site and beautiful blog! love it all, keep it up xoxo

  12. Oh my I love your new site 🙂 It’s fresh and full of beautiful colours! Really love it well done. I am doing the design of mine too and I really love GADABOUT creativity … Do you by any chance know if she does any A la carte design options? or only full packages?

    Thanks and well done again 🙂

    xo Sylvia

  13. OMG!!!! THIS LOOKS SO BEAUTIFUL MACKENZIE!!! <3 <3 So easy to navigate, so fresh and so clean!!! It looks like your apartment turned into a website… which would result in perfection 😀

  14. Absolutely stunning! Perfect in every way and positively “Design Darling”. Emily alerted me that the redesign was live this morning upon waking up! Congrats!

  15. Mackenzie, it looks absolutely incredible! I’m a loyal reader and shopper and I think the new look is such a great (and perfectly styled) step for Design Darling. Congratulations on the new site and the stellar sales weekend!