Remember when I mentioned an upcoming trip to the Bahamas? We leave today for our friends Jane and Scottie’s wedding (Will actually introduced them three years ago!). I couldn’t be more excited to celebrate with them and explore one of their favorite places! I’ve seen pictures of Tom Scheerer’s work at the Lyford Cay Club before and I can’t wait to experience it firsthand. Here’s a peek at what’s in store…

lyford cay club tom scheerer

lyford cay club

lyford cay club tom scheerer

lyford cay club bahamas

tom scheerer lyford cay club bahamas

Visual euphoria, don’t you agree? Do follow along on Instagram as I have a hunch I’ll be feeling pretty snap-happy! Congratulations, Jane and Scottie! xx

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  1. Love the blog restyle… just want to let you know that the font in the text of your posts is suuuuper tiny, at least on my screen. Have a great time in the Bahamas!