You’ve probably noticed from my outfit posts that I’m a jeans-and-shorts kind of girl. Don’t get me wrong — I love an excuse to dress up, but I don’t typically turn to dresses and skirts on a daily basis for things like walking my dog, running out for coffee, and working away at my laptop. I’d rather be… comfortable. And to me comfort is usually an oxford shirt and chino shorts in the summer or a sweater and skinny jeans for fall. And I often switch from flats during the day to heels or wedges at night, hardly changing my outfit at all. While I’m pretty basic when it comes to denim and shorts, I do feel like a girl can never own too many pieces to layer on top. Here are 20 tops that have caught my eye recently (and 12 of them are under $100!)…

What outfit makes you feel most like yourself? Do you prefer jeans or dresses?

P.S. In case you’re curious, the shorts I live in all summer and my favorite pair of jeans.

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  1. I cannot view your posts that have multiples in them, like this one. I can see the individual ones, though. I was wondering why I can’t view them.

  2. I much preferred jeans too and I think I am gonna invest in one of the Rag and Bone because you seem to really love them and I have seen so many people with them! They just so expensive here in London :/

    I love dresses too but feel a bit more comfy in jeans every day! But as you said adding fun tops is always a plus 🙂 I love the scalloped Topshop one they have them in different colours!

    xo Sylvia

  3. On my personal time, I LIVE in jeans. I could wear them all year round and I truly believe if you find the right pair they can be as comfortable as leggings (crazy, I know).
    At work though I’m not allowed to wear jeans and I find I dresses to be my favorite option. I can just throw one on in the morning and have a full outfit all ready to go.

  4. Hi, I’m wondering why I can’t view these 20 tops or anything that you post in multiples? I can view your individual outfit posts & love your blog but any posts like this I’m not able to view? Just wanted you to know in case others have the same issue??

  5. I work in accounting which is a pretty traditional industry, so by day I need to wear business clothes. However, I am a casual girl at heart and as soon as I’m off work I’ve changed into jeans and a comfy top or shorts. Quick question, your oxfords are always so cute and flattering, any brand recommendations? I haven’t found one yet that I really love throwing on, its either too loose or too tight! Help! 🙁

    1. I’m still mourning the loss of Rugby RL — they made THE perfect oxford shirts. Right now I’m living in J.Crew’s boy oxford shirt. And if you’re going super casual, I love wearing a boys’ (not men’s) shirt knotted at the waist. Thanks for reading! 🙂

  6. That grey and white Goodnight Macaroon top is perfect for fall! I have a pair of denim shorts that I bought this year and love, but most of the time I’m all about easy cotton sundresses for summer. Feels like a nightgown but way more put together!