New apartment pictures, woohooo! It’s been almost six months since I moved into my new apartment and I still have so much to do: hanging art, waiting for furniture to arrive, repotting my cactus and lemon tree… But I hope this little update will be a fun sneak peek of what I’m working with!

target threshold

I’ve long recommended Target for furniture and decor so I was ecstatic when they offered to send a few fun furnishings my way. I’m not headed back to school anytime soon but I still get that fresh start feeling every August/September and this collaboration was the perfect push to start filling in some of the missing pieces around here. If you recall my obsession with campaign furniture, it will come as no surprise that I had to have this campaign desk. I used my acrylic console as a desk in my last apartment and, while I will treasure that piece forever, I have to say it’s really nice to have drawers and a little more desktop space to spread out on. The acrylic console really does do better as a spot to throw keys and mail than a place to hunker down and work for hours on end. This desk on the other hand lends a little masculine appeal to my fairly girly apartment (ahem, hot pink map) and could easily be painted if I wanted a different look… A fresh glossy white, perhaps? Or, you know, bright pink…

target threshold x benches

These green X benches (similar) might be my most brilliant Target find to date… $60 a pop and the perfect punch of bright green to complement all the blue and white. Right now they’re in front of my sofa as a coffee table/ottoman hybrid situation (everything has to do double duty in a small apartment!) but I love the idea of storing them underneath my acrylic console when I live in a larger space someday.

ikea expedit bookshelves divider

I used this Ikea Expedit shelving as a divider in my last apartment but I decided to keep things really open in this new space by pushing it up against a wall. The top two shelves house the majority of my coffee table book collection and the bottom three hold a combination of clothes, accessories, and supplies for Rory. It’s probably the single most practical piece I own but it’s nice to not stare directly at it when I walk in the door.

target rugby stripe bedding

The combination of this Katie Kime scalloped headboard and the rugby stripe bedding is about as cute as my prepster, navy-or-nothing heart can handle. The sleep in print is the perfect finishing touch! I’ve come to accept that having Rory sleep in my bed (a non-negotiable as far as I’m concerned!) means it’s not worth it for me to splurge on fancy bedding at this stage in my life. This Target comforter is super affordable (now on sale for $21!) and would work well in any number of interiors, from my studio apartment to a dorm room to one of my brothers’ bedrooms. I can’t say enough good things about it!

target campaign desk

Desktop details: a Jenny Prinn abstract from Will, monogrammed pencil cup, acrylic stapler, and Kate Spade paper goods.

dana gibson lamp

After a year and a half of using my windowsill as a bedside table, this little Target find makes me finally feel like a grown-up. (It’s the little things…) Topped with my Dana Gibson lamp and a mint julep cup, it’s a happy little home for current reads and everyday baubles.

coffee table styling

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: this candle smells so good, I could go through one a week. Also, I have three of these white lacquer trays in my apartment, cannot get enough of these lipstick tube-inspired matches, and have a not-so-slight obsession with Slim Aarons.

sister parish summer house vase

Does anyone know the name of these flowers? I scooped them up at a bodega a couple days before we took pictures and just love the colors. Perfect pop of pink in a blue and white vase! (Psst! A bunch of you have asked whether Design Darling will be carrying 2015 planners and the answer is Y-E-S! You will love this Emily Ley planner that we’re rolling out next week. Stay tuned!)hot pink nantucket map print

I’m really pleased with how everything is coming along and, while I wish it were 100% finished right this very second, I recognize that Rome wasn’t built in a day and that decorating is a process — and a fun one at that! I hope you enjoyed the update!

P.S. My last apartment tour and how to decorate on a budget.

*Photos by Bekka Palmer

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  1. Love the way this all came together, Mackenzie!! It’s so gorgeous, as expected. Really loving those green X benches too. Saw them at the store in other colors but those green ones are lovely. Glad to hear you’re enjoying your new space! xo

  2. I just had such serious apartment envy and a burst of design inspiration. I LOVE what you’re doing, your taste and your style. It’s so city chic but still so you. Everything looks fab!


  3. I love Target to begin with but seeing your finds make me love it that much more! Those green X benches are so cute. I’m excited that you’ll be carrying Emily Ley’s planners! If I didn’t already have my Kate spade planner I would totally snatch that up – my sister has her planner and loves it.

  4. It is looking faaabulous. I really love the way that shelving looks with your bright coffee table books. And the navy bedding is really just perfect. Good luck on the final touches! xo

  5. Looks great! Love all the bright colors! Where did you get the baskets for your expedit shelves? Just acquired some via Craigslist and can’t want to style them. Thanks!

  6. YAY, finally!! This post totally made my Monday, I’m so excited to get a peek at the new place. It looks AMAZING!!! Bravo Mackenzie!

  7. I love this post, Mackenzie!!! I’m currently in the process of decorating my dorm room so this was super inspiring! I love how you combined a mix of inexpensive finds from Target and Ikea, with pricier options, as well as options from Design Darling! My navy blue, hot pink, and white color scheme may or may not have been inspired by you 😉 Can’t wait to see the finished design! Enjoy!

  8. Beautiful space! You work with color so well! I love all of it. I’m thinking that no matter where I’m at in life, price-point wise, I’ll always adore Target furnishings. Their furniture is great quality and style. I’m always particularly pleased with their low-budget Room Essentials line! Thank you for sharing these gorgeous photos, you have a real skill with interiors!

    The What’s In Between

  9. I love seeing these updates! It’s coming together so well. You definitely came across some good finds at Target. The desk is really nice (love campaign style furniture). Loving the white lacquer tray as well. My sister is moving into a new place soon and I’m already scheming to get her to buy that for her windowsill 🙂

  10. I’m so glad you like the benches. I need more seating in my shoebox (apartment) but don’t have room for a loveseat. I pinned the same bench, in a different color, as a possible solution.

    And I totally understand the Slim Aarons obsession – I love pouring over the coffee table books.

  11. Your apartment is amazing! I love browsing the Target furniture section, looking for ideas on how to decorate when I get my own apartment. I’m obsessed with the way you styled everything. You’ll definitely be my inspo when I’m decorating for myself!

  12. Looks really good so far! I love how you styled your Expedit shelf, I have one too and am trying to organize it to make it look pretty like yours.