101 IN 1001 UPDATE!

Whew! What a week. Lots of packing and shipping for the boutique, shooting upcoming outfit posts, a few fashion week festivities, and a couple unexpected projects in the works… I’m exhausted but grateful for every last opportunity that comes my way. Any time I’m feeling a little tapped out, I turn to my 101 in 1001 list to remind myself of some of the goals I’ve accomplished this year and to set my sights on what’s next. As of my last update in June, I had crossed off 20 things. As summer winds to a close, I’ve managed 10 more for a grand total of 30. I have approximately 2 more years on my current list so I’m liking my odds…!

pottery workshop nyc

Pottery class in Brooklyn

turquoise tassel earrings

Packing for the Bahamas

picnic foods

An outdoor movie in Manhattan

Recently completed goals:

4. Go one month (June) without ordering takeout.

I thought this goal would force me to cook but let’s be serious… So. Much. Avocado. Toast.

6. Go one month (June) without taking a single taxi.

I’m not sure why June became my month of deprivation but I actually really recommend this goal. I saved hundreds of dollars! (Which probably speaks to how big an offender I was as opposed to how good I got at taking the subway, but you get the idea.) It’s not as easy to keep up when it’s 90 degrees outside (or 9, for that matter) but definitely something I’ll attempt again for the milder fall weather. My one exception? Taking public transportation all the way out to the airport. After my subway car got stuck underground in Queens for a half hour and I couldn’t call or text my friends about running late… Let’s just say I won’t be making that mistake again.

29. Redesign my blog.

You’re looking at it!

56. Launch a Design Darling New York City guide.

True story: I have referred to my own travel guide to make dinner reservations when I’m out and about. Take a look!

57. Find a church I like in the city.

70. Travel to a new country.

Hey, it counts. See our trip to the Bahamas here!

74. Launch a Design Darling Nantucket guide.

Now I just need to update it after our most recent trip!

86. Throw a pot. 

Will and I took a pottery workshop through Vimbly and it was such a fun way to spend the morning! It’s something I had always wanted to try and unfortunately I was terrible at it. Now I have a teensy bit more appreciation for my brothers’ ceramic masterpieces in high school…

95. See a movie outdoors.

Will, Jane, Scottie, and I watched Frozen at a park in Murray Hill! The movie was adorable; the “park” was actually a basketball court. Ha! We camped out with picnic foods and a bottle of rosé and weathered a brief downpour… So worth it. I can’t wait to do this more often next summer! There are still a few outdoor movies in September in NYC — see the full list here.

99. See a tennis match.

Will played tennis in high school and college and it was pretty cool to hear him talk about the sport. Of course I was more interested in the style than the scoring but I see many more U.S. Open tickets in our future!

Who else is keeping a 101 in 1001 list? (Tweet me the link so I can add you to my list!) What goals have you crossed off so far? What’s next?!

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  1. Throwing a pot is such a wonderful thing to check off! I’d love to go do that. Oh, and your picnic is ADORABLE! I’ve sent you my list, which I started in 2013, but it seems like I haven’t checked much off…but perhaps it’s because many of my things are, “read 10 classic books,” “visit 5 new countries,” and things that have multiple steps. Here’s my updated list: http://www.wanderlustinthemidwest.com/p/101-in-1001.html

    Chloe | Wanderlust in the Midwest

  2. Hey Mackenzie, I’d love to introduce you to Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church. It’s at 55th and 5 and they have one of the best young adults groups I’ve come across in the city. If you want to know more please email me!

  3. Well done! I’m in the very last month of my 101 in 1001 list, and although I’ve only completed 80 tasks I’m on track to finish off a bunch of ‘works in progress’ by my due date.

    I get pretty evangelical about this project. Your list looks like fun!

  4. Great to see that you’re following through on your list. I think I’ve taken a taxi maybe twice in my life. I just can’t justify paying to sit in the back of a cab, while stuck in traffic. The subway is far from ideal, but it’s hard to complain for only $3 a ride (although, I still do complain an awful lot). I’d love to see you cook your own meal and put the recipe on the blog!


  5. I’ve gotten to cross off:
    -Get a real job
    -Get my Master’s degree
    -Move to DC
    -Get an apt.

    And it’s only been 8 months – so excited about more things to come and so glad you inspired me to make the list!


  6. The best part about the 101 in 1001 is that it forces you to do wonderful things that are out of your everyday comfort zone… and you’re definitely crossing things off left and right! Way to go, lady. We want to see a movie outside!! xo

  7. It’d be difficult for me to do the no takeout/go out to eat one for a month. I do try to eat at home but it can be inconvenient at times, so kudos to you! Also, I saw on your list that you’d like to visit D.C. (76. Visit my cousin Sarah in Washington, D.C.). When you do that, I think it’d be so fun if you did a brief reader/blogger meet-up, too! Myself included, I think a lot of D.C. residents follow your blog. Just a thought 🙂

  8. I love the idea behind 101 in 1001. I’m all sorts of into setting goals and deadlines! I’ll have to seriously consider taking up my own 101 in 1001. It sounds like it’s a really fulfilling experience for you! There are so many little things in life I say I’ll do, but never get to. I love your list! Congratulations on making so much progress in only a few months! The no-ordering-take-out would be difficult for me…but it’s something I’d love to tackle!

    The What’s In Between

  9. I love hearing about your progress! You definitely got a lot done this summer. I’m hoping to cross of several of my own goals in the coming months (moving, going apple picking, etc). Keep up the good work, and keep updating us on your progress!

    xo Julie