This video cracks me up. Read The New Potato blog here!

10 smart things you should do in your 20s.

A white dress you’ll wear again and again.


Bloggers’ takeout orders (mine would be Brussels sprouts from Rosemary’s!).

How chic is this cape coat?

I could get down with this color of the season.

I love a good drop waist dress.

Must have this sweater.

Simple and stunning.

What a fun girls’ trip.


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  1. That cape is beyond gorgeous! I love living in San Francisco, I could probably get away with wearing that all year around. That means I should purchase it, right?!

  2. As a dental student, I love the last point on the ’10 smart things you should do in your 20s’. Brush and floss in your 20s and you won’t be spending all of your time and money at the dentist in your 50s!

  3. I love that ‘Even Bloggers Eat’ post and went on to read the entire mini series—so cute and funny!
    I also didn’t realize how much I needed that Pim + Larkin sweater as well…onto the birthday list it goes…
    Loved all of these! Have a wonderful Sunday!! xx