I love shopping for boys almost as much as I like shopping for myself. 😉 There’s really nothing more satisfying than giving a guy (be it your dad, brother, or beau) a classic piece and seeing him wear it every time he sees you for the rest of time. My dad still wears the Ralph Lauren chinos I bought him when I worked in their Nantucket store and my little brothers are definitely haunted by memories of me and my mom trying to wrestle them into the cutest pair of yellow corduroys for family photos. Since a new season is upon us (New York is feeling very fall-like this week!), I thought it would be fun to round up a few of my favorite items to gift the guys in my life:



streetfsn by Nam

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Is your taste in menswear equally preppy? Where are your favorite places to shop for guys?

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  1. We’ve been buying classic, wardrobe workhorses from O’Connell’s Clothing online for years. Their garment quality and customer service is top notch. Another great resource, Bill’s Khaki’s. Just about every pair of pants in my husband’s closet are Bill’s. And we love a Made in America brand! Lastly, Ben Silver. Happy shopping!

  2. Haha my ex-boyfriend was terrified of me turning him into a prep, so he wouldn’t let me help him shop for clothes. And yet somehow he went from a hipster to a prep over the course of our relationship …

  3. I absolutely prefer buying guy-gifts over presents for girls. I could have gone wild at Club Monaco’s men’s floor on 21st this Christmas…however only shopping for my dad and brother, so I think I need more men in my life 😉 Although I do often pick something up for myself whether it’s an oversized cashmere sweater or just camp socks.