I seriously cannot believe that Sunday marks the start of fall but I’m also really excited — this time of year always has me ready for a fresh start. In an effort to make the most of the new season, here’s a fall to do list I created combining several of my favorite fall activities with a few goals from my 101 in 1001 list. I’m optimistic about crossing off the majority of these in the next few months!

fall to do list / bucket list

I like to think this fall to do list has a little something for everyone!

Fall activities with friends:

* Bake a pie. Who has a great apple pie recipe?

* Carve a pumpkin. Personally I think it would be a blast to do this on my fire escape…

* Dress up for Halloween. Last year I pulled together a costume for Suzy Bishop from Moonrise Kingdom. Have you picked out your costume yet?

* Mail care packages to loved ones.

Fall weekend excursions:

* Go to a flea market. A perfect excuse to rent a Zipcar and get out of the city for a day.

* Go to a football game. Bundle up!

* Hike to see fall foliage. Might be time to plan a visit to my sister in Amherst…!

* Stay at a bed and breakfast. I would love your recommendations for a favorite spot in New England!

* Stroll a farmer’s market. The Union Square Greenmarket in NYC is not to be missed!

Get your culture on: 

* Read five new books. Did you get through all ten of these?

* Unplug for 24 hours. Easier said than done…

* Visit a museum. Here’s a handy list of the 10 best museums in New York.

* Vote in an election. New Yorkers, you can vote in the House of Representatives election on November 4. See you there!

What’s on your fall to do list? What would you add to the above?

P.S. Fisherman sweaters for fall.

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  1. I LOVE the “unplug for 24 hours” bullet. Adding that to my own list NOW! (It will likely be the hardest one to achieve, sadly!)

    Fall is also a wonderful time to visit wineries. Did you know NY is tied with w/ VA as the 5th most wine producing state? Feel free to email me for some local-ish options! Perhaps you can combine this with a stay at a B&B!



  2. So jealous you have fall weather! I have a good apple pie bar recipe, much easier to make than normal apple pie, plus you can eat it with your hands! I will be making it this weekend!

  3. Check out New Hope, PA. The cutest little town. They have Rice’s flea market and so many cute B&B’s. I recently stayed at the Holly Hedge Estate and loved it.

  4. Love this list! Definitely got me thinking about putting some to dos together too!

    I’m on the West Coast so we don’t get as much of the fun fall weather and foliage. I miss it from my time in New York but there are still fun “Fall” activites:

    Evening/Dinner at a SoCal winery – perfect because you can eat outside but don’t need a heavy jacket.
    Go to the beach – Its off-season now so things aren’t as crowded
    Visit Santa Barbara

    Also – how did you make the image? That so cool!

  5. Vermont is the best place to go for hikes, cider donuts, food and scenery! We love the Wilder Farm Inn in Waitsfield (best breakfast ever!) for all of the wonderful food and activities in the area. I’d love to step it up at the Blue Horse Inn in Woodstock or the Snapdragon in Windsor one day!

  6. I love the Hudson River Valley for apple picking, hiking, wine tasting and bed and breakfasts! B&B’s: The Garrison (also an amazing restaurant), The Stone House, and The Renwick Clifton House. Cold Spring is also an adorable town you can get to by Metro North.


  7. Love the list! I made a very similar list of my own last week!

    I’ll be painting pumpkins because I always seem to break those tiny blades. I’m allergic to apples so picking a sugar pumpkin to roast and make a pie from is on my list. And how appropriate is the Rocky Horror Picture Show? Attending one of the interactive performances is a must!

    This is a great list and I hope you make another for the holidays!

  8. Love your fall list! If you end up considering coming to Maine to stay at a B&B, you must email me – I can send you many places. One other spot that you might want to have on your radar is Hotel Fauchere in Milford, PA – there is fantastic hiking in the area and the breakfast is amazing. It’s not too far from the city either. Other places that might be convenient to NY – Table on Ten in Bloomville & the Bedford Post Inn. For New England, we love Porches Inn in the Berkshires, Salt House Inn in Provincetown, Castle Hill Inn in Newport. Excited to see where you end up going!

  9. You must bake a pie with crust from scratch! It takes a little patience and positivity but it leaves you feeling accomplished and deserving of a big slice when it comes out of the oven. 🙂

  10. I just posted my fall to do list this morning as well! It’s my absolute favorite season. For fall, I try to aim for a mixture of relaxing, cozy days and crisp, outdoor adventures. And flea markets are perfect for t he autumn! Grabbing a coffee, poking around old furniture, it sounds like a dream 🙂

    The What’s In Between

  11. This is a great list of fall goals! There are some wonderful flea markets in the city if you wanted to stay local – every weekend they have The Antiques Garage and the Hells Kitchen Flea Market over on the West side. I’ve been a few times and they’re really cool! Lots of treasures to be found.