Taking outfit pictures is never going to come naturally to me. I love having them to look back on and see what I was wearing at a particular time in my life — where I was headed, what clothes I was living in, what length my hair was. It’s a fun little personal diary. But it will forever be awkward to walk outside and have someone photograph what I’m wearing that day. It helps a lot to shoot with someone I love and trust, so of course I can’t say enough good things about Miss Amy Stone. These pictures make me happy because I know exactly where we were and how we felt taking them: waiting for a dinner reservation in Montauk, oohing and ahhing over the most insanely gorgeous sunset, starving after a day of exploring but genuinely happy in that moment.

Another thing that makes outfit pictures easier? Wearing clothes I’m totally comfortable in. This outfit is a great example of something that feels very “me” and probably how I’d dress every day if I had a reason to put on heels every morning. A few easy ingredients, some super affordable and others more thoughtful purchases: an Equipment shirt that I finally pulled the trigger on (on sale!), statement earrings in my favorite color, Old Navy jeans, and $30 heels because New York City puts my shoes through hell.

clare vivier navy stripe clutch

equipment hydrangea blue brett shirt

forever 21 suede slinback heels

sea elise tassel earrings

equipment brett shirt hydrangea blue

gurneys montauk

equipment hydrangea shirt

Equipment Brett shirt in hydrangea blue (more colors available here)  //  Sea Elise navy tassel earrings ℅  //  Clare Vivier navy stripe clutch  //  Essie Blanc nail polish  //  Michael Kors double wrap leather strap watch  //  Old Navy white skinny jeans ℅  //  Forever 21 faux suede slingback heels

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*Photos by Amy Stone


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  1. I love that you’ve been rockin’ Old Navy; I’ve been really impressed as of late with their clothes, they’re a far more affordable version of J.Crew in a lot of ways, and the quality has improved as well! As a late twenty-something girl who LOVES clothes but is on a budget, this couldn’t be a sweeter relationship.

    I recently just purchased a top from them, and I looove it! I think you would, too!!

    Loved this outfit, Mackenzie! So chic.

  2. I am loving this simple yet very chic look 🙂 You always look so amazing and are always so inspiring! I hate shooting outfits I never like myself and yet my blog is mainly about fashion 🙂 haha

    xo S.

  3. I love how you stress pairing affordable clothes with some investment pieces. And I totally agree about outfit posts being beyond awkward sometimes. I am still so not comfortable having my picture taken and thank goodness for that.


  4. Ahhh yes, I know exactly where we were and how we felt, too (laughing to myself hehehe). I love this simple look and you fit right in with the gorgeous scenery. Thank you for the kind words but I can tell you that you’re a pleasure to photograph — there are always too many selects to choose from. It’s because you’re a naturally happy person, beautiful inside and out.

  5. I love this look! I think the key to great style posts is to showcase the real you–your favorite pieces, what you wear on a daily basis, etc., rather than throwing on the most fashionable or trendy thing you own just for the sake of the blog. Your honesty and true personality really shine through, which is what readers love! And besides that, this is an incredible look–something I would totally rock 🙂

    The What’s In Between