It’s a little silly for me to make a list of places I’d like to travel because truthfully I want to go everywhere. But if planning this post-Christmas trip has taught me anything, it’s that it’s good to be prepared (and that October is apparently too late to book 99% of decent hotels in December… lesson learned). So here it is: a list of 10 places I’d like to travel, mostly new-to-me but others repeats, in the foreseeable future. I’d love for you to leave a comment telling me what would be on your list!

australia beaches

1. Australia

In addition to gorgeous beaches and irresistible accents, I’m dying to get to Australia to experience the design scene down under. I follow a bunch of Australian interior designers on Instagram and I can’t get enough of their no-holds-barred approach to color and pattern. I have a feeling I could do some serious shopping damage in Brisbane and Sydney…!

jk place capri

2. Capri

I’m pretty sure at least half of my travel board on Pinterest is comprised of images of Capri. Who wouldn’t daydream of cliffside strolls, Italian fare, and sailboat views?

blue lagoon iceland

3. Iceland

Usually cold weather destinations aren’t at the top of my list but I definitely could make an exception for a dip in the Blue Lagoon, a geothermal spa that hovers around 100 degrees even on a 5 degree day.

giraffe manor kenya

4. Kenya

A stay at Kenya’s Giraffe Manor is definitely on my bucket list.

parker palm springs orange door

5. Palm Springs

The ultimate girls’ trip.

jardin des tuileries paris

6. Paris

I haven’t been back since my semester abroad in Tours, when I went just about as often as I could afford. My favorite spots? The Jardin des Tuileries and the Musée Rodin. Jess and Hallie are headed there this week and it’s making me all kinds of nostalgic! (I’ve linked to their Instagrams so you too can live vicariously.)

rabat morocco

7. Morocco

Morocco was the one country that I really wanted to see when I was abroad that I just couldn’t get to before the semester was over. I’m crossing my fingers (and saving my pennies) to be able to visit my brother when he studies in Europe next semester… Have any of you made the jaunt from Europe to Morocco?

notting hill pink door

8. Notting Hill

I wish Instagram had been in its current heyday when I studied abroad because I would have spent every free weekend strolling through London snapping pictures of pretty-in-pink exteriors (like this one in New York!).

chiang mai elephant nature park thailand

9. Thailand

Anywhere I can see an elephant beyond the Bronx Zoo is a must in my book.

tulum mexico

10. Tulum

Can you believe I’ve never been to Mexico? I’d love to camp out under a cabana here with a cold drink and a stack of books.

Some of my favorite places I’ve been to so far: Amsterdam, Interlaken, Santorini, Venice, and of course the Bahamas! What are some of your favorite places and where are you dying to jet off to next?!

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  1. Re: Thailand- leave 3 days for a side trip to Siem Reap, Cambodia- it is mind blowing!

    And don’t skimp on your time in Chiang Mai, it was my favorite place in Thailand. I had an OUTSTANDING experience at Thai Elephant Home, where the focus is on treating the animals humanely and focusing on conservation. One of the most memorable days of my life!

    Oh, and don’t drink the smoothies from the beach huts. The ice is likely *NOT* filtered even if they say it is. You’ll thank me later. (Beach hut massages on the other hand are divine. I recommend at least 1 massage/day;)



  2. I love seeing people’s travel list as they always inspire me to add new places to my own travel bucket list. I’ve been to Paris for a long weekend when I was studying abroad, but I definitely want to go back for an extended stay. I also really want to go to Ireland, Greece, Hawaii, and I’ve heard Prague is amazing. One of my good friends is from Morocco so I’m sure he could give great tips of where to go and stay!

    – Kelsey

  3. Australia is my #1 too! Dying to see it before I die…hopefully “dying” to see it doesn’t kill me first. 😉 You’ve gotta get to Palm Springs, girl! Easy trip, make it happen! I had a friend do some program in Thailand for 6 months and she absolutely loved it. If I didn’t have kids, I’d love to spend my time seeing the world. As of last May, I’ve got 18 years and then I’m free! 😉

  4. Great list! Never thought of Morocco I’ll have to look into that! My boyfriend and I went to Bali this summer – the bike tour through the villages and the rice terraces we saw were amazing. We are hoping to do a trip to Switzerland and France next year for his birthday…let the planning begin!!

  5. I’ll swap you my life in Australia for a few months in NYC any day! It is a fabulous place to visit, if I do say so myself. I am going to Paris (and London) in November and like you, haven’t been besides a school trip, so I can’t wait to just wander the cobblestone streets, without anywhere to be. I’ll be sure to take as many photos of pink doors as I can in Notting Hill for you 😉


  6. I like this list because those places are unique, I haven’t really seen them on other lists! Thanks for sharing!


  7. Happy to see Australia topping your list! You’d love Sydney, the NSW South Coast and the Southern Highlands of NSW – all different, from people to style to scenary, but each beautiful in its own way. xx

  8. Morocco yassss! Also, Zanzibar – try to google image this and not immediately daydream. I worked in India this past summer, but unfortunately I was too grad student poor to have been able to travel regionally. I would’ve loved to have visited Thailand and Laos.

  9. Thanks for sharing your list with us! My current list contains: NYC, Savannah, Argentina, Peru, and Canada.

  10. I’m originally from Brisbane, Australia and moved to the US a few years ago! That’s so awesome that you want to visit Brisbane. Let me know if you need any travel tips for Queensland 🙂 A few off the top of my head, you’d absolutely love LaTrobe Terrace in Brisbane, there are heaps of little boutiques and cafes. Also James Street in Fortitude Valley, there are lots of boutiques, cafes and home interior stores. Also, I think you’d love the Sunshine Coast hinterland. Mx

  11. I have always wanted to go to Lake Tahoe! My grandfather used to work there when he was in the military and always talked about how amazing it was. Before he passed, he told me I had to see it, so I hope to have that experience one day!

    I also really want to go to South Africa!

  12. Hi Mackenzie!
    Where did you stay in Lyford Cay? I’m planning a Bahamas trip for February and am looking for accommodations. Thanks!

  13. Thailand is amazing! The elephant sanctuary we visited was one of my favorite parts. While there, you might as well venture to Vietnam. It is beautiful along the coast and it gives you a whole new perspective on the place, people, culture, etc.

    I have three continents left: Africa, Australia, and Antarctica. If I can make it to any part of them, I will be pleased.

  14. I want to go everywhere too! So many beautiful places across the world and I want to see it ALL. I have so depressingly never been out of the country (which doesn’t make sense) and I need to start saving my pennies really bad to take an amazing trip!

  15. I loved Santorini, Venice, and Monte Carlo! Monte Carlo was a great place to visit and people watch. Looking forward to studying abroad in Rome so I can see more of Europe!

  16. i’ve been to Greece, but not Santorini so that’s at the top of my list. I’d also like to visit the Maldives and Banff. Two very different but beautiful places!

  17. Such a great list of perfect places!! When I studied abroad last year I did a trip called Discover Excursions to Morocco for a weekend and it was my favorite (of the 14 cities in 4 months) that I visited. The blue city (Chefchaouen) and the amazing waterways surround Asilah were unforgettable!

  18. Went to Palm Springs for my Bachelorette and we had brunch at the Parker! It is SO great!! I cannot wait to go back sometime and stay there!

  19. My favorite place has been Paris hands down but I’ve also loved Positano. My mom lived there a long time ago, my parents honeymooned there & now they go every year to visit their friends. They took me once when I was in high school & it is absolutely stunning! The Amalfi Coast is beautiful! (Capri is actually one of the least beautiful b/c it’s a bit overcrowded/touristy. But honestly if Capri is the worst you can do you have a good vacation!)

  20. Two summers ago I flew from Madrid to Marrakech, Morocco. They say you can take the ferry, but I found flying to be the cheapest and easier. There is also a cheap flight from Pisa, Italy to Marrakech. I absolutely loved Morocco, especially Marrakech. I took everyones advice and skipped Casablanca and focused my time on Fes and Marrakech (taking the train between the cities). You have to stay in a renovated historical riad and camel ride with the Bedouins in the dessert! If I did it again, I would spend even more time in Marrakech, it was my favorite!

    As far as Capri goes, I am lucky enough to take students their every summer. And while Capri is gorgeous, it is also tiny and overpriced. After a day or two you will run out of things to do! I suggest also seeing the entire Amalfi Coast – Positano, Sorrento and Amalfi. These coastal towns are just as magical as the island of Capri. And if you want to save money, staying in Sorrento is much cheaper and Capri is just a 40 minute ferry ride away!

    Buon Viaggio!
    Ashley | History in High Heels