Every now and then I notice a trend that’s actually worth buying into (and usually after it’s withstood a season or two). This fall it’s grid prints (aka windowpane prints), a slight twist on the classic and simple patterns that tend to dominate my wardrobe year-round. Think of grid prints as a bolder alternative to your go-to gingham, plaid, or stripes. The styling is up to you: wear a windowpane sweater with a skirt or jeans and call it a day or go matchy-matchy and layer two grid prints in the same color palette.
grid print grid prints new york fashion week

Fun fact: Carly and I actually spotted this woman in line at Starbucks less than ten minutes before this photo was taken last year and we both loved her look. Fast forward to a year later and I’m finally feeling brave enough to try it myself…!
atlantic pacific grid print grid prints

grid print dress olivia palermo chloe grid prints

one  //  two  //  three

When Blair Eadie and Olivia Palermo are in on the trend, you know it’s worth hopping on board. My own foray into grid prints has been the purchase of this Pim + Larkin grid print sweater ($98) and I have to say it’s been getting a lot of wear! Here are a few more picks for those of you ready to give it a go:

ASOS grid print shirt dress ($36)

JOA cropped windowpane sweatshirt ($59)

Endless Rose prep sweater ($78)

Cameo night sky dress ($180)

Theory Kuna P blouse ($285)

Marc by Marc Jacobs Toto plaid dress ($598)

Shop the look:

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  1. I’ve been a little on the fence on this trend (not sure why), but I love the Pim and Larkin sweater that you got! I might give it a try, it’s definitely a striking look. And hey, if it’s good enough for OP, it’s good enough for me!

  2. I love Gala Gonzalez! She makes everything look so effortlessly cool.

    Now you’ve got me opening up tabs in my browser searching for the perfect grid print 😉

  3. I’ve been eyeing grid prints on the rise for a while now and am so happy they’re here for this seasons fall must. I love the bold, blocky print! It looks so minimalist chic. I have a grid-print blouse or two, but my favorite way to wear them is around my neck with a thick, window pane scarf I recently treated myself to! Thank you for all of this grid-spiration 🙂

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