Have you ever walked into a retail store and wished that you could make your home look just like that? I’ve long admired the Kate Spade gallery wall look in their stores and the playful mix of illustrations and photographs. When I learned that Kate Spade art prints were for sale on their website and was asked to style a few of them in my apartment, I could hardly say yes fast enough. Styled side-by-side with a few of my favorite prints from Design Darling, my gallery wall is looking cheerier than ever!
kate spade art prints

kate spade gallery wall art prints

kate spade store gallery wall art prints

Aren’t they fun? They’d make great gifts for girlfriends this holiday season. You can shop the full collection of Kate Spade art prints on their website right here and shop my full gallery wall in the slideshow below:

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  1. Love the Kate Spade prints! My sister introduced me to all things Late Spade, she’s obsessed. Is there any way to get the gold foil HUSTLE print?? It’s perfect for her and I’d reallllly love to give it to her for her birthday in January.