My family set up a projector and watched probably a hundred funny videos on a white sheet over our fireplace the night of Christmas. This one was one of my better contributions. Who doesn’t love Emma Stone?! Back to regularly scheduled programming over here on Monday — can’t wait! xx

An affordable silk scarf.

Bookmarked: 20 concealer hacks every woman should know.

Endless outfit inspiration.

Finally saw this movie. Whoa.

Now on sale: the party dress you’ll wear a million times.

So on board with these ten resolutions. Field trips? Yes please!

Kate The Wasp’s videos have me in stitches.

The ultimate winter escape.

This sweater is amazing.

Why Rachel Zoe loves January.


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  1. Such a fun way to spend the evening!! I hope you had a wonderful holiday!
    xo. Leslie
    Segreto Finishes

  2. I read The Fault in Our Stars but haven’t watched the movie yet – kind of worried that I might become a blubbering mess.

    Happy New Year Mackenzie!