As a creative businesswoman, I find it extremely important to surround myself with people who inspire me. And while in a perfect world I’d like to round up fifty of the women I admire and spend a week at the beach drinking rosé and picking each other’s brains, social media really does a great job of connecting like-minded individuals all over the globe.

There’s nothing I love more than finding an amazing new business owner or interior designer or photographer on Instagram and spending ten minutes acquainting myself with his or her work. One of those recent discoveries was Studio McGee, an interior design firm based in Salt Lake City that adds a daily dose of beauty to my Instagram feed. Here are a few favorite glimpses into her portfolio:








Gorgeous, don’t you think? Shea and I definitely share a love of bright white walls, layered neutrals, and colorful decor. I love that each space feels both calming and lively — the natural light gives everything a soft glow and the careful choice of accessories makes it clear that each room is truly lived in and not just for show. I would never have thought to place a pair of coral lamps in front of blue curtains but it’s such an invigorating combination. You can follow Shea McGee and her design studio on Instagram here — I promise you won’t regret it. Who else do you love following for a quick hit of visual euphoria?!

P.S. My twelve favorite people to follow on Instagram.


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  1. Thanks for sharing a wonderful new instagram account, Mackenzie! I clicked on the link and loved every. single. photo. Following her asap.

  2. MacKenzie, be careful with your grammar:) Second paragraph, first sentence, “acquaint myself with HER work.”
    I am a former teacher, I cannot let that go uncorrected. “Their” is plural.

  3. Studio McGee is so charming! Beautiful spaces – love it; thanks for sharing!
    xo. Leslie
    Segreto Finishes

  4. This is beyond ironic because I was going through Shea’s blog/portfolio all day yesterday at work (I kept going back to it). I love following her on Instagram, too. Her work is impeccable and leaves me so inspired.