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Do you and your girlfriends all have a dream bag (or three…)? My cousin is obsessed with Goyard totes and they’ve definitely grown on me over time. At first I couldn’t understand investing in a bag that isn’t leather but the colors, the monogram options, and the pattern are so irresistible! It’s exactly the kind of bag to splurge on during a trip to Paris as a souvenir you’d wear again and again. Founded in 1792, Goyard has only two stores worldwide and prides itself on offering a small assortment of beautifully crafted wares (read more about their legacy here — it’s pretty fascinating). In other words, it’s not an “it bag” but an instant heirloom. Goyard doesn’t sell online but you can see what’s available through luxury consigners here and here. Do you (or would you) carry a Goyard? What would you consider your dream bag?

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  1. Given the opportunity, I would carry a Goyard with pride! Their designs definitely grow on you!
    xo. Leslie
    Segreto Finishes

  2. I do love the Goyard bags, but the top of my wishlist is the Mansur Gavriel bucket bag. They’re surprisingly affordable, but getting hold of one? Next to impossible. Next on the list, and a little more out of reach, is a 3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli. I love them, but can’t justify one right now!


    Girl for Grantedl

    1. I bought the medium Pashli in midnight blue last year-it’s so well made and goes with so many outfits-the medium is the perfect size but if too pricey go for the smaller bag. I think this bag will stay in style for a couple of years-it’s a classic.

  3. I’ve been to the store in Hong Kong, I thought it would be fun to get a little gift for a friend who loves them..whoa..i dont know if it was the conversion rate or what but the tiniest thing in the store was several hundred dollars..

  4. I had been admiring Goyard for years, and after doing a lot of research on its competitors, finally treated myself this year with the large tote in gray. I intentionally went with a muted color so I could use it professionally and for play. It has already proven its worth in being the perfect travel companion on the plane and day-trips alike. It is a timeless piece I will always treasure and remember my personal accomplishments that led to its purchase. I have not monogrammed it yet, still deciding (and Barney’s new policy is that you only have 2 months following the transaction to do so). I say, go for it!

  5. I’ve wanted a Goyard for years! Maybe it’s the elusiveness of not being able to buy it anywhere nearby or online, but it seem much more special than the other logo bags out there, like Gucci or LV. Definitely a worthy investment and probably my top contender for a dream bag!



  6. One of my friends has one and she loves it! Surprisingly enough they’re actually quite sturdy even though they aren’t leather…

    But yes, I think I would totally get one – most likely a blue or grey tote! 🙂

  7. I’ve wanted a Goyard for quite sometime, however I perused them at the SF store last week and for some reason my love and desire for it kind of diminished… they’ve gone up in price since I initially dreamt of owning one a few years ago when I initially saw them in Paris, and I just think I’d much rather have a Prada saffiano bag or Fendi 2jour for the extra price.


  8. I would! I enjoy the black / gray / brown combo in oversize, just the classic without a monogram — I’ve noticed lots of NYC girls use them as tote bags or gym bags. So chic!

  9. My dream bag is a 3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli Medium Satchel, I have been wanting one every since I found the designer and saw the purse. Of course there are hear and there bags I love along the way but I always return back to that one, and my DRAEM bag is the Celine luggage tote (but we will see if that ever happens haha).
    I had the same reaction you did to the Goyard bags but they have grown on me.


  10. I was given a Goyard tote for Christmas and I’m obsessed with it! It has the hand painted monogram and it is just so beautiful. So many of my fashionable friends don’t even know what it is… And I kind of love that it is indeed an heirloom but it isn’t loud and gaudy like some other “it” bags.

  11. The way the women in these pictures style the bag, it does make it pretty fabulous! But I’m kinda with you, I really wouldn’t want to invest in a bag unless it is leather. I would never complain though if one of these just happened to fall into my lap (; Plus the company history is so interesting!

    – Kelsey

  12. After seeing Brooke carry hers all over Charleston, I decided I loved them! At first, like you, I didn’t get the hype…but now I can see myself with one of those bright beauties!!

  13. I’ve gone back and forth about purchasing one. While I’ve always loved the classic pattern, the bright colors, and find the tote style especially practical, I’m not totally sold on the quality. As you pointed out, they’re not leather so they’re much thinner their Louis Vuitton counterpart. I think they’re a great bag to have “in addition to” your collection but don’t think they’re the ultimate bag to invest in if that’s what you’re saving up for. But they certainly are great looking!

  14. Goyard is my favorite! I purchased my first (and only…so far) on a trip to Paris when I was able to visit the original store on Rue St. Honore. It was crazy expensive, but I think fondly on that trip every time I use my bag. I definitely will buy another when the time is right! Mine is the classic black/saddle combination. Next time I’ll go for one of the bright colors, maybe yellow or green.